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Kate Emmerson - The Quick Shift Deva

THE QUICK SHIFT DEVA is a bit like having your own favourite reality TV show bounce into YOUR life. In a flash your life will transform before your very eyes - you will feel it in your heart and experience powerful shifts as you step into your life by letting go of all that does not serve you anymore. She is also the author of "Clear Your Clutter - Live Light, Live Large".

Kate has made a bold impact through her "kickass" work in the coaching and clutter industry for the past 9 years. Through supporting, cajoling, inspiring and sometimes using her well-aimed DEVA heel, she SHIFTS YOU QUICKLY! Loved for her courageous, compassionate, spiritual and honest ability to help you stop mucking about and getting on with living life large, she can assist you in a multitude of ways. Everything centers around...


She quite literally supports you in SHIFTING into a new way of being, engaging with and living your life. Her motto is...


Whether you work with Kate on a one to one basis, get her team in to do massive clutter clearing jobs, sign up for her innovative e-mail courses backed up with unique private online communities of support (she loves being location free using technology to connect around the world), be invited to her exclusive master mind groups, absorb her engaging writing, watch her on TV or are priviledged to witness her addressing audiences on stage she focuses on helping you...


By letting go of all that no longer serves you, (meaning physical, energetic and physiological clutter) you bring your full self to your life, thus better equipped to live your purpose and operate with a clarity of lightness. Life is precious and she believes it futile to waste time by holding onto the past, people and things that are not adding meaningful value to your current life. Her living light motto is taken seriously and is able to teach clients how to find anything within 30 seconds, from a battery to a poicy filed away. She has a vivacious approach to life that belies her age. Whilst traditional life coaching centres around the future and goals then achieving them, Kate's passion is to clear clutter, make space and then set up your juicy life, free from baggage. Her education in Industrial psychology and IR at university, training in aromatherapy, reflexology and meditation in her 20's, studying coaching in the UK in her 30's and intertwining this with her life long passion of living light and clutter clearing, she offers you a totally unique outlook on life -  and shares this energy around the world.

Called in to peoples' lives needing a QUICK SHIFT kick up the proverbial, she packs a cheeky punch and will try anything once, including riding Harley Davidsons and rap jumping off buildings face first. If you want to "pussyfoot" around your life, Kate is not the gal for you, but if you are ready for THE QUICK SHIFT DEVA, it will be a fabulous journey into your life.

Get started by filling in your e-mail address for her free e-course on "HOW TO QUICK SHIFT ONE THING" and joining her facebook page to grab "CLUTTER 101". You will then be first in line to hear what she is up to and how she can help you.

For all the formalities:

  • Degree in INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY and post grad INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS, professional aromatherapist and reflexologist.
  • She is a UK trained Master Life Coach, (LCSi, Member of Association for Coaching UK and a full member of South African COMENSA).
  • She is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic techniques) practitioner
  • Unique EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner
  • 2500 hours of professional coaching
  • 1200 hours of writing for articles over the years
  • 200 hours in front of audiences/ training


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For her numerous media appearances and list of articles please view her  media page

Thanks to my dear friend and  professional photographer Piet Filmalter for my awesome photos on my website


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