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mastermindHarnessing group synergy to shift YOU

Exclusive Mastermind groups by sucessful application only - the key to your success is the right synergy of commited souls. 




What exactly is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is a carefully selected group of people who are committed to exponential growth in business and personal development - both for themselves and each other. It is a two-way sharing of ideas, information, asking for and giving help. Each participant raises the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm solutions and interact with each other with total honesty, respect and compassion.  Imagine the effect of sharing time and space with others’ who are masters in equal but different ways to you that you can tap into regularly.

Whilst Jack Canfield as part of his SUCCESS PRINCIPLES made the concept of mastermind groups popular, the original concept was introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's. In his timeless classic, "Think and Grow Rich" he wrote about the Mastermind principle as: "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

Complete participation is key. This is not a place to come and offload and bemoan your situation every week, nor to simply be on the take for referrals/ business – it’s about moving forward with energy and conviction, engaging powerful people to help you when you need the support or necessary insight. This is not therapy or even coaching this is a unique and exclusive forum to “mastermind your life”. A combination of dedicated space to listen to your thoughts in a unique setting to help you brainstorm new possibilities, alongside accountability structures that keep you focused and on track so that your possibilities are limitless. .

Mastermind is about asking for help, offering it and then delivering on it to receive a hurricane of grace and abundance in your life.

"From the moment the four of us met, it was an instant connection of like minded, purpose driven business owners that sparked off a dynamic, focused 2 hour introduction to the concept and flow of a Mastermind group. Sharing intimately about our businesses, families, emotional, spiritual and physical challenges and delights – it's almost therapy multiplied by 100! It's an exciting platform for unpacking any possible, perceived obstacles, supporting and empowering one another in a non-obtrusive, safe and caring environment.

Kate knew how to combine the personalities, ambitions and core values of each of us to create a hub of powerful exchange. She guided us in a non threatening way that gave us each the space to share in a concise, focused way. Our Mastermind group has kept me accountable to my own goals, also through being accountable to my group. With compassion, care and wisdom, I have experienced a kind of sharing that has been liberating and that has given me a true sense of all the amazing possibilities that exist in every situation! Often when others have shared, it has sparked off my own insights, guidance and learning. In supporting others, I have also experienced myself as a wonderful caregiver. The gifts of Mastermind groups are endless and I believe that it is a progressive, powerful way of catapulting people into even greater places in our lives – on every level!" Bonita G – Keynote Speaker, TV Presenter

What are the benefits of joining a master mind group?

  • Accountability! Accountability! Accountability = RESULTS
  • Challenged via the synergistic energy with an aligned group
  • Raise the bar on your business/ career and personal life FAST
  • Share your expertise, experience, skill and knowledge openly
  • Bounce ideas around for collaborative problem solving
  • Instant and valuable support network to boost your confidence
  • Enjoy your personal board of directors who are totally objective
  • Become au fait asking for what you need concisely

Why would you join Kate's mastermind group?

  • Kate has been intimately involved with her own Mastermind  
    groups the past year, so brings relevant experience
  • Chance to partner with special souls with a common objective
  • Similar levels of success means each person get equal benefits
  • Manifest extraordinary things through commitment & intention
  • You understand the benefit of who you surround yourself with
  • You are ready to STEP UP and LIVE LARGE through accountability
  • Have a passionate desire for life to overcome any fear of change

How Does It Work?

100% commitment required being available for all meetings.

  1. Application to be filled in to be approved by Kate
  2. Meet face to face in JHB or CT once or twice a month for 3 hours
  3. Meet in cyber space once a month (group dependant) for check in of progress
  4. Utilize the private group forum weekly

So ask yourself one question- are you ready to be part of Kate's exciting, exclusive platform of master minders?

My bi-weekly 3beeKAY Mastermind coffee/breakfast/wine meets have become a regular highlight in my diary and an important part of me keeping myself in check in terms of where I'm at and staying committed to doing what I said I was going to do by when I said I was going to do it!
I also have the gift and privilege of my own huge learning and insight through the open and generous sharing of my group and their experiences in their lives. Both good and bad.
The friendships that I have found and grown in the Mastermind space are profoundly authentic and I have no doubt will continue forever with or without Mastermind. BRAD SHORKEND – executive coach, leadership developer, owner of URBAN EVEREST - Lateral Thinking


Harness powerful, collaborative people, time and energy as you leverage every aspect of business and life...FAST and SMART

Each group has either a 10 week or 5 month commitment 

Invest  approx R1800 monthly

Or reduced rates for full payment upfront - once off

CONTACT KATE for an application pack to join a mastermind group

We started our MASTERMIND group last Thursday evening  and I can't tell you how fired up I am for a new growth area in my business that I hadn’t even contemplated. I’m motivated, excited, stretched and flying! Maybe there is something that you are not seeing, that someone else can pinpoint for you straight away that will change/enhance/grow/improve/ nurture what you doing at the moment. 

I cant express enough how amazing it is to know that I’m accountable for the next 5 months with 4 other people that care about me and where I’m going….THEN TWO MONTHS LATER - I have been back with Mastermind and experienced 2 “visual” meetings and 1 “skype” meeting. The “hands on” support at a meeting and the subsequent momentum that comes from it ensures that my actions are taken in time for the next gathering. I can only thank Kate and my “Board of Directors” for kicking my butt to become a force to be reckoned with in my dynamic business. The plodding along approach that I was used to was a waste of time. This energy is vital to shift me to the next level. Georgie Colling – owner of Rafia Solutions 


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