Aaaaah the enticing lure of a retreat away from it all…

Mmmm … you probably can’t realistically travel just yet
You can’t easily step away (aka escape) from work/family/kids
Your obligations and to-do list are still piled high
You’ve no idea how to carve out intentional time for yourself
And you’re probably irritated, stressed and exhausted

YET you want something TANGIBLE to support you to slow down, pause,
disconnect externally and reconnect internally 

… to regain a sense of self – for your sanity & peace of mind
… to see things from a different perspective as you face what’s ahead
… to disconnect & take some quiet time to find the answers
… to have someone to hold you to your own promise and gift this to yourself
… to have real support to guide your retreat process . Kate really understands what a retreat entails
… but loathe the idea of group work right now and you are sick of being online virtually with groups
…and you are stuck at home and can’t go anywhere right now

Kate’s bespoke retreats are all personally created for you 1:1 from ANYWHERE in the world!
If you could honestly commit to fulfilling a retreat on your own, you probably would have taken some time out already?


We keep it simple… yet profound!!
Mail me for a super short application form – then we chat telephonically
Book your preferred dates / themed retreat dates offered.
Commit to your retreat investment
Initial Strategy Session to prepare for your Retreat
Personal 1:1 support while ON your retreat
Tailor-made exercises, rituals, processes created especially for you to enhance your retreat
Post Retreat session to Integrate all your insights

Sound ideal?

I LOVE to hold space and support you to intentionally reflect. By curating the right processes for you to feel proud and to fulfill your promise / intention on your retreat.

APPLY: Please take a moment to mail me
if you have been looking to go deep within and find your own answers


I have a limited number of clients who will be working on the same theme at the same time, even though your retreat is individual, private and personalized just for YOU with zero group interaction. There is something wonderful knowing others are also holding themselves to the same promise at the same time energetically.

Coaching Retreat as FEATURED in The Guardian UK 2021:  GUARDIAN ARTICLE HERE 
This is a private, tailored retreat experience for anyone about to make some bold moves or decisions. It pivots on three, hour-long private live online coaching sessions with a lifestyle coach, author and speaker Kate Emmerson, who is also on hand throughout the weekend for additional support as needed, and features bespoke exercises, processes, rituals and questions to ponder for the rest of your time. Fun, light-hearted and full of vigour and life, South-African born Kate is an ideal person to help you identify your next step forward.
Session one will focus on strategy to set your intention and prepare your retreat blueprint
Session two will focus on supporting you while you are on your retreat
Session three will offer quiet time to help you reflect on and integrate your insights.

Kate caps the number of participants she works with simultaneously to 6 individuals at any given time to ensure YOU have personalised attention all weekend. There is NO group work at all, yet there is something wonderful in knowing others are doing similar intentional retreat work at the same time as you for tapping into that collective consciousness!


Everything is bespoke and tailor-made just for YOU – yes really!
2.5 days to go within, press pause and reconnect to yourself with guided retreat exercises.
Friday 12 noon – Sunday  8.00 pm
£695 investment
Attending on one of these weekends keeps the price lower.
You can also book longer / different dates upon request

 Mail me on to get started with booking one of the remaining places

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Call me Kate’s Guinea Pig, happily so and I accepted the challenge of Kate’s Private Working Retreat in Oct 20.

I had little commitment except a deep desire to have some quiet time and with 2020 working out the way it has, there was no break envisioned, so I joined Kate’s invitation to retreat.

I was skeptical but decided to give it my all, ready to accept that the retreat during a working week would never work.

Utterly surprised I managed to carve out some time on Sunday, pretty easy even after looking after my aging father, Sunday was a breeze but once the working week started, it was a different story. Monday came and went and my irritation levels grew exponentially. On Tuesday Kate sent a gentle reminder that the universe would push endless needs onto me and that broke me, my frustration levels of not having the authority in my own life to take some time out in my own business for myself truly upset me.

By Wednesday I forced time away from the office and told everyone to manage without me, fully expecting the company to spiral into total chaos. By Friday I took the day off. The time I carved out for myself, no social media, no TV, no calls, no WhatsApp during the week it transformed my ego and the thought that all would fall apart without me.

Even messages of support from Kate were read and not replied to, my time alone was real, flavourful and exhilarating, my utopia retreat within my week was mine and mine alone and my entire being soaked up the peace and rejuvenation, surging through my body.

It’s been 2 weeks since my retreat and now I still have time between 7 pm and 10 pm to myself, the habit hooked into my flesh and took root like a fisherman’s barb, I take Friday afternoons off and additional time during the week.

My staff are more empowered without me managing them, the office has a sense of calm and sales are increasing, not because of me but because they know I  have entrusted them.

I was the greatest skeptic, now I’m the foremost advocate for Kates Working Retreat!

If you don’t believe you can do this, or you don’t think you need it, you are an ideal candidate, YOU NEED TO JUST DO IT!

It will change your life. Thank you Kate, thank you for forever changing my life and outlook.

Brett Mark Preston
CEO Mirari Group of Companies
Disruption and Power Strategist to CEOs
Podcaster /Author in Creation

“It is a transformative experience to simply pause instead of immediately filling up space.
Pema Chodron”


I think many people were looking forward to leaving 2020 behind. After a very traumatic year, I was certainly hoping for a peaceful and quiet start to 2021. I wanted to start the new year with a fresh perspective and a revitalised purpose.

Under normal circumstances, I would have opted for a wellness retreat away from home, probably in the bushveld somewhere. Spending time in nature always feeds my heart and soul; and brings so much joy into my life. Since this was definitely not a viable option, I chatted to Kate and she suggested I join one of her virtual retreats.

I was so excited! I did not have to pack any bags or make alternative arrangements for my children. Instead, all I had to do was clear my diary – allowing four hours per day for seven days to myself. This is a commitment in itself, and one in which Kate supports you every step of the way.

My journey with Kate during this week guided me to re-discover my essence, reclaim my gifts and prioritise the areas of my life that I wanted to focus on. Kate channeled my thinking with exercises and writings that awakened my inner self. She encouraged and supported me, so I never felt alone on this journey and she inspired me to trust and believe in my inner voice again.

Thank you, Kate, for helping me get back on my purpose and gently steering me in the right direction. It is wonderful to know that my life and purpose is again aligned, and I am starting the year with a clear path where I feel in flow.

Kim Potgieter
Life Planning Director at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Retirement Coach, Professional Certified Coach (ICF), New Money Story® Mentor Coach and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator


Juliette Jenner: Co-Director Dynamic Voice Company, Keynote Speaker, MC and Actress

I started the year feeling a deep need to make significant changes to my career and business. I also felt completely overwhelmed by the prospect. Kate created a bespoke retreat for me, tailored to my complex life as company director, artist, mother and partner. She enabled me to find the courage to step out of my life and reconnect with myself and my sense of purpose in a way I cannot imagine I could have done alone. With her intuitive wisdom and powerful understanding of coaching personal change, life and business strategies she guided my steps. I felt supported and yet held accountable to honoring myself and my goals. What a gift! I feel realigned and focused. If you need to centre your life and harness your energy and potential, I cannot recommend Kate’s Retreat highly enough!


Kate is very intuitive and has a well-balanced discipline to support one on the retreat. I did an online retreat with Kate and I felt her personal attention and care while she was putting together beautiful content for me that guided me on a journey of discovery. She held an energetic safe space with just the right amount of support and input to inspire me to work on myself.

She prepared me in detail beforehand, to the point of ‘do shopping,’ etc. She guided me through the weekend with strong but gentle support. She listened and remembered all I said. It was a profound experience.
During one of the last exercises, I had a huge epiphany, an insight that is life-changing.
If you are ready to focus and work with Kate and her beautiful content, you can be sure to have results at the end of a bespoke retreat.
Thank you Kate for your wisdom and generosity. Your work made a difference in my life… again! 🙏

Did you read my personal account and insights from my own transformational Iona Retreat earlier this year in July 2020?

There are two forms of courage in this world. One that demands we jump into action with our armor on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender.
Bravery is a curious thing.
Jeff Brown







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Looking for a dynamic, down to earth, yet powerhouse female speaker or MC?

Kate will WAKE UP your audience by utilizing her distinctively fresh and light approach guided by her motto of LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE! Having carved a name for herself in the past 16 years, Kate epitomizes honesty, integrity and practicality ensuring you get great take-home value.

As a clutter expert, international speaker, best selling author and well-known professional lifestyle coach she shares practical, life-changing insights and tools with her audiences from Women’s groups, support staff through to senior management, CEO’s and CFO’s and the YPO / WPO organization. You will undoubtedly find yourself soul-searching and through her highly interactive keynote sessions be re-energized to step up in your life.

Kate is passionate about HELPING WOMEN IN PARTICULAR, TO FIND THEIR GROOVE. To stop blaming everyone else, take a good look inside, make some decision, implement the changes and start living life as you really dream it. Doesn’t that sound cool?

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