Join Kate and fellow writers to tap into the literary magic of Edinburgh and write more words
than you ever thought possible per day.

Can you just imagine ….

Tapping into the literary magic of Edinburgh and carving out 3 days just for you and your writing? Oh yes please! The thrill of being inspired to write in a supportive environment -with people who understand the frustration of wanting to delete ALL your hard day’s work ‘cos it sucks (so you think anyway). Or who gets that staring at your computer blankly and heaps of crumpled post-it notes are part of the creative process.

I know how tough it is to WANT to write and then realise how quickly reality kicks in. You just battle to say no to all of life’s obligations, family, work, commitments and put your writing back on the ONE DAY list. AGAIN. After all, it’s not paying the bills so of course, everything else is way more important.

You know what I mean!

But what about your nagging dream – the one to finally share your story, or download all your expertise to help more clients, or finally lay something or someone to rest. Or the idea that you are desperate to create months worth of social media/blogs ready to be uploaded with one click in the future.

Unless you are one of the few full-time professional writers – you are like most of our authors and wannabe authors. You have to make and take the time in your already busy life.

One of the best ways is to get away and immerse for a few days. Carve out time and dedicate it to your craft. It is not the most talented writers who get published, or who see their article in a magazine, or get invited to that podcast – it’s the most disciplined, tenacious and courageous writers!

Keep your personal promise to FINISH your writing project and not just talk about it, or think about it in the deep of the night. Talking is not writing, Thinking is not writing.  Writing is writing. Get better at writing is writing. Submitting your proposal or getting feedback is part of writing. Rejection and frustration are part of writing. So too is the thrill of holding your book in your paws, or hearing from a moved reader.

Don’t let your fear or procrastination win the day!

Do you want to feel proud and know you have taken your writing seriously this year?
What is the ONE writing milestone you wish to finish before we close out 2021?
The vital step you would like to tick off?

Why not join me for up to 3 days (you can do less if that’s all your life allows) and focus on WRITING!
Word count.
Goals. Keeping on until the last full stop. FULL STOP!

In Edinburgh, October 22-24th, Kate Emmerson will be your guide, mentor and master whip-cracker!

Imagine leaving the urban writing immersion

  • Feeling proud you’ve actually written 1000’s words per day and not just thought about them or deleted them at the end of the day?
  • Brainstorming book titles, choosing your opening hook, upping word count, or simply re-finding the confidence to just write. Let’s shift your writing forward.
  • Being part of a like-minded, focussed, yet creative group all working on your own writing projects?
  • Achieving 5000 words a day (go for 20K in 5 days if you book all 3) and wrapping up your writing project before the year is out?
  • Giving yourself permission to take much-needed time out of your busy life and obligations to escape and write.
  • Having received input, guidance and feedback.
  • Following the inspirational footsteps of Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, JM Barrie, Dame Muriel Spark, Iain Banks and JK Rowling.
  • Enjoying professional support and guidance of Kate – “whip cracker” multi-published author and international mentor, and co-author of WRITE YOUR BOOK IN 100 DAYS with Sarah Bullen. Kate is loved for keeping you focussed and on track, energized and disciplined to ensure you reach your writing word count. She will also help you shift any obstacles, blocks, or imposter syndrome that crops up along the way.



4-6 full hours of writing daily! Yikes- you will be uber productive!

Daily focussed writing sessions – this is all about reaching your word count

Feedback / Q&A sessions for the last hour of every day

Refreshments and Lunch provided

Kate’s unique methods of keeping you focussed and energized

Walking Literary Tour with an expert local guide

Access to Kate for writing input and professional guidance

Private mentoring session with Kate

Early evening drink and writing discussion in Nicolson’s, the cafe where JK Rowling wrote much of her Harry Potter series.



Transport to and from Edinburgh / venue

Accommodation – stay wherever suits your budget

Local transport to and from any other events

Storytelling events at the international Festival

Any other meals outside the 9-5 workshop

Anything of a personal nature

You are not obliged to meet with the group for any evening events – which means that if you live in Edinburgh you are free to go home at 5pm and rejoin us the next morning. I would however encourage you to join in the inclusive Walking BOOK LOVERS TOUR and the drink at Nicolson’s.



Use it for any of the following writing-related tasks:

* Plot and plan out your entire book with expert guidance

* Complete your first draft

* Do your read through and mark up of first draft

* Complete your second draft/edit

* Write/polish your book proposal for submission

* Research literary agents to target with your proposal and hit SEND

* Complete all your self-publishing steps to launch your book

* Write out all your website copy/marketing material

* Create Amazon ads to promote your book

* Work on your author brand/platform

* Write Poetry (visit the Scottish Poetry Library too)

* Craft articles for publication

* Finish your online course and finally start selling it

* Write blogs to promote your book/business

* Create 6 months worth of Social Media material

* Work on ANYTHING your choose, so long as you are WRITING!

* Tap into constructive feedback to shift your writing


What wannabe writers usually say: “Oh yes, I l will get around to writing when the creative muse appears.”

What Kate says: “Show up for your writing and your writing muse will show up for you. Absolute inspiration and magic happen when you carve out the time, set your intention, and then work towards that goal with discipline. Life is always going to happen around you and will pull you off track. Carving out retreat time is the best way to complete your writing project.”

If you want to hold your book in your paws, then you need to glue your bum to your chair and stay focused. Nothing more, nothing less. You need to make your writing a priority. There is nothing better than being with a group of like-minded folk, all championing each other along and simply getting on with those hands clicking away on your keyboard. Reaching your milestones. Closer to your dream, step by step.

Come and feed your soul in this urban landscape and feel proud of your writing productivity this year.

BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW – only space for 10 writers


Home and the inspiration to many great writers, Edinburgh is rightly proud of its accreditation as the world’s first UNESCO “City of Literature.” This pays tribute to colourful array of well-known wordsmiths as well as the ongoing activity to promote and champion Scotland’s literature and the development of international literary partners through its tours, festivals, and events.

It is also Kate’s current base and she will share her love of this city with you.

SCOTTISH STORYTELLING FESTIVAL: The October urban retreat coincides with the start of the Storytelling Festival. Be mesmerized by the art of storytelling to help you use words in a more creative way.

FOLLOW IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS: Experience the city’s best walking tour. Edinburgh Book Lover’s Tour spans 500 years and penetrates the capital’s ancient wynds, closes and graveyards. From historical writers to modern favourites, it caters to all tastes. All prominent Scottish writers from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century are included and discussed in their literary, historical, and cultural contexts, set in the landscapes where they were born and which inspired them.



St. Leonard’s with the incredible Arthur’s Seat and the Crags as our backdrop and inspiration. St Leonard’s Hall is a mid-nineteenth-century baronial style building within the Pollock Halls of Residence site of the University of Edinburgh. The hall was designed by John Lessels, and built in 1869-1870 for Thomas Nelson Junior, of the Thomas Nelson family of publishers. Right on bus routes, with a dedicated taxi rank on the doorstep, makes it easy to travel to.


Kate can send a list of recommended places to stay so you can work according to your budget. Bear in mind you need to be at the venue by 8.45 to start at 9 am SHARP every day. Please factor that into your choice of accommodation if coming from outside the city and needing to book somewhere. On the property of St Leonard’s you will also find the Salisbury Green Hotel – just footsteps away.



3 days – £450

Per day – £165

BOOK YOUR SPACE NOW – only space for 10 writers



Commit and pay for the 3 days (1-day option available if there is space)

Book your own accommodation according to your preference/ budget

Show up at 8.45 for coffee and daliy check-in

Choose anything from 4 – 6 hours daily productive WRITING WRITING WRITING!

If you want every afternoon off to explore Edinburgh you can do that too! You choose what works.

Optional evening gatherings to share time with writers and explore this incredible city

Access to Kate for professional guidance

Tap into a like-minded community for inspiration / ideas/ support

Daily group feedback and Q&A sessions

Optional walks to explore the gorgeous Arthur’s Seat close by



* What should I aim to accomplish in the 3 days? Work towards around 10 000 -15 000 words. Or thereabouts. That can be 15K towards your first draft. If in editing mode, you could complete a second edit. Or you could write about 4-5 blogs in 3 days. The singular aim is to push yourself like you are not able to when at home being distracted by everything called LIFE.

* What if I haven’t started writing anything yet? No problem, Kate will get you started off on the right foot on day 1. She will ensure each writer gets what they need!

* What if I can’t make it every day due to prior commitments? No problem at all. Choose Wed to Friday or Sat and Sun. If you can only make ONE day please check with Kate about availability. Those booking all 5 days get preference for spaces. Each day is a stand-alone commitment day with feedback / and Q&A at the end.

* I’m not sure which of my projects to focus on for this time? Kate will help you narrow down and focus on one. OR prioritize them for the week.

* Do I need to be writing a book? Absolutely NOT. This is about committing to ANY writing or WIP (Work in Progress) You can be working on ANYTHING that is writing-related and simply want a community of like-minded writers/creatives to tap into for community, productivity, and inspiration.

* What if I live IN Edinburgh? Perfect and that is why it is designed the way it is. Each writer will stay where their budget or life requires. You can stay at home and simply join us daily for the retreat.

* What if I live OUTSIDE Edinburgh? Kate will send a list of accommodation – there is even a small hotel on the grounds where the retreat is being held. Edinburgh is a GREAT walking city and there is a fabulous bus transport system, so getting to and from the venue is super easy and accessible.

* What if I don’t want to read any of my work out for any feedback -I’m just not ready for that? That is really ok and your choice, just remember that feedback in a constructive environment is one of the best ways to get objective comments to make your workflow/plot/book better.

* What if I need to use the time to do research for my project? Again – NO Problem and there will be wifi available should you need it. WE just ask that you don’t go down the rabbit hole of Facebook and YouTube if online doing real research.

* Do I need to be a published / professional author to attend? Absolutely not. You can be working on any form of writing -marketing material, your website, social media posts, blogs, marketing your book, editing, publishing, or starting from scratch to write your first draft. This 5-day immersion is about shutting up, sitting down and committing to writing. Simple!

* What if I don’t know what my writing goal is? – will i waste my time? Kate will help you figure that out on your first morning together. Having a goal gives you focus and energy and helps you work productively towards your outcome so that you maximize your time.

* Can a partner join me in Edinburgh who isn’t writing? Of course they can come to Edinburgh and are welcome to join us for the literary tour or any other group dinners we go on for their own cost.

* What if I have to cancel? The fee is nonrefundable. You can send a replacement writer if you cannot make it. Or if Kate manages to fill your place in time you will get refunded less 100 UK pound admin fee. If we have to cancel due to covid stopping the event at the venue, you will be refunded in full, or be able to switch to another date in the future. Purchasing of tickets implies you agree to these conditions.




LESBOS, GREECE. Aaaaaah Greece!
Our annual SELL OUT retreat and residency to our favorite Greek village 

2-9 JUNE 2022: 7 NIGHT WRITING RETREAT  Only 2 sea-facing rooms left
10-20 JUNE 2022: 10 NIGHT WRITING RESIDENCY  Only 2 village-facing rooms left

All the information + how to apply is on the retreat page.  


This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with us and the awesome team with Pamela from Strada Toscana – our host beyond par excellence. This Retreat for writers wanting to work on a dedicated project. Join us in an authentic  17th Century Villa in the heart of Tuscany for this summer Retreat.
All retreat info HERE
Bookings via Strada Toscana done HERE