Imagine this New Year ….after acknowledging you deserved to do something special New Year, you signed up for a Unique Virtual Retreat with Kate. You received a beautiful box couriered to your door with strict instructions NOT to open it until the 29th December when you kick off your Personal Retreat.

It was so hard to keep your ‘paws’ off your beautiful package ….and today, 29 December, feeling like an excited kid on your birthday, you FINALLY get to peek inside and break open the special wax seal to reveal your treasure trove guide booklet – all bespoke made by Kate!

Oh, the sweet agony of wondering what’s in store for you over the next 4 days. Your heart knows it’s going to be a memorable way to end 2022!


You have never done anything quite like this Virtual Retreat before, but this has all felt like perfect timing for you.

Right reason, right time and with just the right amount of support.

As you break the wax seal and dive into your first treasure, you just know the next four days are going to be marked with purpose, meaning and ritual. You take a deep breath, make some coffee and relax into the first exercise Kate has offered you, as you open your first voice-note instruction ….you listen to Kate’s soothing and inspirational voice guide you step-by-step.

You know deep down you are in brilliant hands with a kind and supportive professional, because you read all the reviews of folk who have trusted going on retreat with Kate before you …..and you felt it was “perfect” for you this year. And you loved the idea of being able to work with Kate from home with the very special “treasure trove” booklet you are holding now.

You love the idea that Kate will be on hand for the 4 days, so you aren’t alone in this process. You feel completely held and know you will close out this year differently for once.

And gosh, has this been quite a grueling year to put it mildly, with many curveballs, stresses, demands, way too much loss and relentless decisions you’ve had to navigate. This retreat feels like a much-needed hug at the end of your tough year.

You seriously thought about canceling New Year and just staying home in your PJ’s with copious wine and endless Netflix on repeat, but now feel so proud for having given yourself this special way to honor and mark the end of 2022. You feel totally seen, valued and held – the good, bad and ugly. You know you are going to be able to enjoy the last few days of 2022, ready to greet the dawn on the 1st of January having been introspective, mindful and found some peace within yourself.

You are taking a stand for your self-worth and holding your head high to take care of yourself.


A way to pause and go within – to really honour yourself

Support @ home – with Kate’s special bespoke Limited Edition Treasure Trove booklet!

A special way to mark New Year with meaning and purpose

Not feeling left out and lonely as you end this year

Not dreading social events …”So what are you up to this New Year”. You know EXACTLY what you are up to as you have a precious date with yourself!

Looking forward to feeling proud that you are taking some sacred time out with yourself

Feel loved, supported and expertly guided by Kate, from ANYWHERE in the world


* Has this year revealed a massive crossroads for you?

* Have you been at the very bottom of your own pile this year?

* Are you just dreading New Year?

* Have you just had a helluva time recently and can’t fathom celebrating anything?

* Has work &  life been relentlessly challenging without a moment to yourself to pause & take a breath?

* Suffered being Retrenched, Retired, Break up, Sold Business, Moved countries, etc

* Recently gone through a divorce or break-up wondering how to fly solo at this tricky time?

* Kids flown the nest or with your ex and feeling at a loose end?

* Grappling with heartache, suffering loss and grieving and want to hide away?

* Suffering with your health and looking for a different way to take care of yourself?

* Has everyone else you know got plans and you were going to be dating Nextflix?

* Do you feel like you want to be mindful and take time out but had no idea how to do it?

Are you simply looking for a beautiful and precious way to end 2022?



* A personalised 1:1 Virtual Retreat with Kate – zero group work!

1 x Retreat Preparation Session to ensure you maximize your Virtual Retreat

* Bespoke LIMITED EDITION “treasure trove” booklet to open on the 29th of December + extra surprises inside.
Oooh la la this is unique and one of a kind.

* 2 unique exercises to explore from your treasure booklet daily

* Clear voice-noted instructions to move step-by-step through your daily process

* Personal daily support from Kate from 29th December 2022 – 1st January 2023

* Kate will be available 2 hours every AM and PM for additional support needed

* An emailed guide to prep ahead of your personal session

* Deciding your time commitment – A minimum of 2 hours per day from 29 Dec-1st Jan is
recommended. Or go all out and immerse fully in the 4 days.


MAXIMUM 12 CLIENTS   12 11 10 9 8 76    



4-day NEW YEAR Virtual Retreat + bespoke LIMITED EDITION guide couriered image

You want some meaning and purpose over New Year



You want a personalized, flexible retreat even though it’s VIRTUAL

You want to end 2022 feeling proud no matter what you’ve faced

You will cherish 1:1 private time with Kate

You love the idea of opening your LIMITED EDITION ‘advent calendar” on Day 1

You adore being surprised and thrilled and really need some delight in your life

You can carve out 2 hours a day – or immerse completely for the 4 days

You want to stay at home and feel loved and supported to end the year on a high

You are traveling but know you can fit in 2 hours per day around your holiday plans

You want to feel excited about greeting the whole New Year period rather than dreading it



You want group interaction and sessions over zoom

You want face-to-face sessions with Kate (book a private retreat for that)

You are looking for a one size fits all approach with a cheap price point

You need to know everything included in your couriered gift before it arrives

You have to know all the processes ahead of time

Sorry then this VIRTUAL RETREAT is just NOT for you, and there is something else out there better suited for you.



Kate is highly skilled and much loved for running both face-to-face and Virtual retreats with insight, kindness, compassion and oomph! She is the owner of Kate Emmerson Retreats Ltd, a coach and mentor who travels the world running writing and transformational retreats. She is based on the small Inner Hebridean island of IONA, West Scotland, where she cold water swims and hosts her signature retreat titled “Cutting the Threads that Bind” twice a year. She is a multi-published author and has spoken on stages around the world. She is known for being compassionate with a kick….and will help you find your light again!


This NEW YEAR she is taking things to a whole new level to support you wherever you are in the world. By combining her love of bookbinding, inkery and threading alongside holding you in a container of loving support – you are in for a purposeful retreat that you will remember for life! Your Virtual Retreat will be accompanied by a LIMITED EDITION lovingly hand-created companion guide – think of it like a personal treasure trove to lead you step-by-step through your retreat.

Here’s to a mindful way to end 2022 and greet 2023 with fresh eyes and an open heart.