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Imagine just You and Kate?
Somewhere peaceful and life-changing according to your needs.
FROM NOVEMBER 2021 – APRIL 2022 I will be offering VIP bespoke retreats on the sacred island of Iona, off the west coast of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland! Oh yes.

Personalised, highly bespoke retreat week with Kate as your guide and support.
She intuitively knows when to push and when to back off. Offering 18 years of tools, processes, rituals and insights to help YOU figure out what you need to do next
Kate offers a container of sacred space to hold you and you work through your intention for the retreat.

This can be a one day or a full week, immersed in your life with expert support, love, insight and guidance of Kate.

A way to offer yourself the chance to switch off and truly slow down
To rest into the space you so desperately need right now
To immerse and BE
Finding a way through all the clutter and chaos
A way to listen to the yearnings stirring  deep in your heart
A chance to process and close out a chapter in life
To heal and befriend any obstacles that might be telling you that you can’t!

This can take place in Uk, Scotland, Europe, or South Africa or other areas upon request, depending on travel arrangements.
This is kate’s most personalized support and the first step is to set up a session here . If you book a face to face private retreat the full session will be credited off the quoted price


Mail Kate for an application form
Set up an initial taster session to connect, chat and make a decision
Make your full investment and then we book the date, place and  intention for YOUR bespoke retreat

You will get some things to do before your retreat, to help enhance how it all unfolds
You also receive post-retreat integration support

A one-on-one private bespoke retreat is the ultimate gift to yourself!
If your heart is saying yes, simply reach out to Kate on

Or take a look at her ONLINE VIRTUAL RETREATS done from anywhere in the world

Maybe you need a different perspective
Want to learn a life-changing technique to shift your dilemma once and for all
Simply talk through some ideas you are needing to make sense of to make an important decision
Need an impartial, compassionate ear to help you see the wood for the trees
Need someone to ask you the tougher questions you have been avoiding.

Or perhaps you simply want quiet time dedicated to YOU.

This is also the perfect gift for someone at a massive crossroads in life
Divorce; death, grief and loss; moving countries; new business demands; closing out an old chapter; retiring from work; selling a business. selling your home.
For someone needing to make massive decisions, or find a new life and new vision for the future
Ideal for that person needing to believe in themselves again and find their inner ‘shine’ after a massive life-change.

Only available dependant on Kate’s itinerary aligned with your schedule.

Book your initial session here to chat about your ideas.

Mail me on



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