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Kate offers bespoke, private coaching RETREATS  – yep just you and Kate!
Spend the day immersed in your life with expert support, love, insight and guidance of Kate.
Includes lunch and refreshments, pre-session prep and post follow up implementation.
6 hours face-to-face and 2 hours online.
A total of 8 transformational hours as a way to fast track your life from the inside out. A way to offer yourself the chance to switch off, slow down, step in and find a way through all the clutter and chaos, A way to listen to the yearning stirring in your heart, and slay any obstacles that might be telling your can’t!

This is a 6 hr face to face VIP day in Europe, or South Africa or other areas upon request, depending on travel arrangements. You wil get a pre-session online with Kate, and a follow-up session online to ensure implementation is taking place and the support keeps you on track with your heart choices.

A one-on-one private coaching retreat is the ultimate gift to yourself! It is highly focussed, effective and designed to help you deal with a particular challenge you are currently facing and looking at what needs to happen to revolutionize your life.

Maybe you need a different perspective; or want to learn a life-changing technique to shift your dilemma once and for all; simply talk through some ideas you are needing to make sense of to make an important decision and have no-one else impartial enough to help you see the wood for the trees, or ask you the tougher questions. Or perhaps you simply want a day dedicated to YOU.

You will meet at a time that is mutually suitable for you both of you, and must be used within 3 months of purchase.
Only available Dependant on Kate’s itinerary.

You are also welcome to fly Kate to come and meet you for your VIP day.
Anything is possible when you truly want to make this awesome transformational experience happen!

This is also the perfect gift for someone at a massive crossroads in life, (divorce, death, moving countries, new business, closing old business) needing to make decisions, deal with loss and grief or find a new life and new vision for the future and to believe in themselves again.

Feel free to make an appointment to chat with Kate about your ideas. Mail her on



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