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A practical, no-nonsense BOOK that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter. Kate helps you to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE. (Price incl courier to physical adress to MAJOR centers OR tracked parcel rural)

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A practical, no-nonsense BOOK that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter. Kate helps you to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE. (Price incl. courier to physical address to MAJOR centers OR tracked parcel to rural areas)

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Having helped thousands of clients with her unique programmes, Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva, now shares her enthusiasm for and expertise in clearing clutter at all levels with you.

Her life and work motto is to LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE and this book tells you how to follow suit.

Let her inspire you with her in-depth understanding of the psychology of clutter and how it keeps you from living the life you are destined to live NOW.

  • Understand the full spectrum of clutter through an empowering definition.
  • Learn how the three aspects of clutter intertwine to hold each other hostage.
  • Face up to the reality of your current clutter without shame or blame.
  • Understand how clutter stops you from moving forward and LIVING LARGE.
  • Face your personal sabotage system and why you really have clutter.
  • Accurately calculate the monetary cost of your clutter.
  • Practically shift your clutter following Kate’s 28-day step-by-step process.
  • Stay motivated to tackle the overwhelm associated with clutter.
  • Learn simple tricks, tools and systems to stay in charge going forward.

Kate Emmerson augmented a degree in Industrial Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in Industrial Relations with qualifications in aromatherapy and reflexology. Her path led her to study life coaching in the UK and since then she has been professionally coaching and clutter clearing / organising. Additional studies in NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) ensure she is equipped to assist even the most “stuck” clients who look to her for help to shift their lives. She is a prolific writer of articles and is constantly called on by the media in some form, be it TV, radio or contributing as an expert in magazines and newspapers. She is hands on in clutter clearing homes and offices locally and abroad, is a sought after inspirational speaker and offers support through her innovative online courses, mastermind groups and one on one coaching.  

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“Kate is a no-nonsense, kick-ass, quick-shift deva and this exceptional book reflects the same qualities.  Kate has helped me de-clutter and de-stress my life and this book with its practical tips and “how-to’s” will certainly help you do the same”.Donna McCallum, the Fairy Godmother

“Kate is a courageous, honest and dynamic woman who tackles this multi-faceted issue of human ‘clutter’ in a humorous, practical and powerful way. No matter where we ‘store’ our clutter, it penetrates and filters into every aspect of our lives, either draining or pulling us deeper into the sludge of negative, old and sometimes unconscious destructive ways of being. Kate’s approachable, direct and conversational style is inviting and like a friend, she guides the reader through every phase, gently and sometimes firmly leading the way to a lighter and more expansive space. If you have the willingness, this book has the tools and wisdom to habituate the mastery of a life lived with more passion, more fulfilment and deeper personal power”. Bonita Nuttall | TV HOST AND KEYNOTE SPEAKER

“This book is truly inspirational. I was joyously creating order in my house within the first few pages. If you have ever had any kind of resistance to keeping your space exactly that, a space, then Kate’s words will brightly and swiftly sweep you up. Her clarity and practical tools will liberate your body, mind, heart and house from what stops, blocks and hinders you in life.Kate shares how less truly is more. She reveals the magic, lightness of being and creative potential that is generated by bringing conscious awareness to this part of your life”. Tiamara Williams | PRESIDENT INSPIRING LIVES GLOBAL CHANGE MAKER, TV HOST, AUTHOR

‘This is the BEST book on clutter clearing I have ever read. It covers everything you need to know to banish clutter forever and live a better life. Simply brilliant, brilliantly simple. I love it!’ Fiona Harrold, best-selling author, Be Your Own Life Coach. 

“Not only is Live Light, Live Large a book from which you will profit, you’ll also want to give as a gift to those you hope success upon.  Kate unpacks and builds a solid case for a clutterless life and goes even further by compelling the reader to ask herself/himself tough questions about their future if the evidence is ignored.  Kate’s voice as a writer is a pleasure to facilitate the journey to lightness and the bonus of this body of work is you’ll enjoy reading as much as being enlightened” All the best Kate and let me know if I can support you in anyway! Timothy Maurice Webster – Author OF PERSONOVATION

“Beware! This book will set you off on a spring-cleaning frenzy way before you’ve even turned the last page. It’s inspiring, galvanizing, and makes so much sense, on so many levels, you’ll view you clutter in a wholly different way – and be hard pressed to make a case for it.  In Kate’s own words, it’s a unique, practical and no-nonsense book that teaches you the why as well as the how in order to tackle your clutter. But there’s no lecturing and no proselytizing. Kate’s emphathetic, understanding voice comes through right from the beginning, where she shares her own experience of going to boarding school. Here she learns the fundamentals of living life with only what she really needs and with everything having a place and a reason. “There was something amazing about having absolutely everything I needed, but nothing in excess,” she writes. Kate defines clutter as anything that no longer serves you, for whatever reason. This includes physical clutter, body clutter and emotional clutter. She helps us understand the psychology of why we don’t let go (guilt, fear, scarcity, insecurity among them), why we make excuses, what we lose through clutter (she even creates a mathematical equation to establish the time we waste!) and then, most crucially, what to do about our clutter. The book has a strong practical and experiential component, including a clutter assessment, an audit, a step-by-step plan to tackle our own clutter – everything from your wallet, to your music collection, to your cupboards, to your bathroom. No space escapes her methodical, organizing eye. She is as thorough in her clean up as she is in identifying the areas prone to mess and disorder. Kate weaves in real-life testimonials (it’s good to know we’re not alone and can learn from the tales of others) and experiences of some of her clients to help us on our declutter journey, and peppers her advice with useful advice on how to take the plunge. She even includes recommended reading — a small list of friends who live on my bookshelf — to help you declutter your space, body and emotions. Kate’s tone is fun, encouraging, energizing and inspiring. She’s the best friend you want and need to help you take control of your life. Read her book. There is no better way to start the rest of your life”.
Tracy Melass, Media Consultant and Founding Editor of Psychologies Magazine SA.

“Love, love, love this book! As I started reading, I thought.. I don’t really have clutter, but as I got into it, boy was I wrong! KickAss Kate as I know her from our life coaching days, has written a “seriously” comprehensive book with a ton of practical tips, advice and resources. All aspects are covered: whether they be business, computer, filing, home, rooms, cupboards, storage, music, emotions, body, health, food and every other conceivable area to get one’s life into peak de-cluttered form.  Kate has a great quote and even better advice on every topic and as to how to organise and apply her knowledge. There are many real stories; the fabulous Kate humour and great action plans. I want the book for myself and am going to underline paragraphs of excellent quotes and things to do. I’m buying for all my office colleagues, friends and family-did I say I love it!” Florence Niemann The Fountainhead (Pty) Ltd

“The book is fantastic.  Its light and very inspirational a must have in every home.
What we loved most about the book is that it is not just about  de-cluttering your home but more importantly it’s about de-cluttering your personal and physical life”. Isarae and Bernard Seeff WPO chair 2012/13

“Kate writes as she lives –  EFFICIENTLY! Her sentences are short and her questions, powerful. There is complete congruency between what Kate writes about, how she lives her life and the work she does in the world. It is impossible to read her book and not: move something, give something away or throw something out! Read Kate’s clutter clearing manifesto and her definition of clutter (“anything that no longer serves you”) will sit on your shoulder as an inspirational bird, tweeting at you to TURF. Finally, a simple how-to underpinned by a real psychological grasp.  Kate gets why we’ve kept it and then nudges us over the edge to let it go”. Natalie Uren, MENTOR 

“Well done on a fabulous book!
When asked to review Live Light, Live Large I thought it would be for literary and content quality. Critically looking at flow, style and layout soon turned to an avid interest in the message. What started as a critical review of written work, turned into a full-blown de-cluttering exercise for myself, which has revolutionised the efficiency and organisation of my hectic life. I am married to a de-cluttering Queen, so my living space was constantly being organised around me for optimal function and order for me.
Reading Live light, Live large I had no idea this self-help masterpiece would be so relevant and accurate to me. Kate’s quaint and practical writing style had me enraptured from the first chapter. Immediately drawn in by the incredible accuracy and intimate understanding Kate demonstrates in her field, gave me the assurance I was in the hands of a professional. The fantastic balance of useful information, anecdotes and straightforward easy to follow practical guidelines ensures the reader will follow the processes
through to the end and achieve an enhanced life, as a result. Through her friendly, approachable tone throughout the book, Kate makes the reader feel as if she is talking directly to them, further enhancing one’s personal commitment, to the completing the process of de-cluttering.

The key to any successful self-help book is its ability to identify with the life circumstances of the reader with practical and realistically achievable exercises and goals. The practical hands-on approach demanded by Live light,Live Large, makes this a self-help winner for me, and that embodies the true ethos of a self-help guide. Drowning in a world of stuff, emotional and
physical this is a lifeline back towards a healthy, enriched, lighter life.

Awesome job Kate”. Dr. Colin La Grange October 2012


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