Let’s SHIFT it: Once off Session


Once off mindful mentoring session with Kate – 75 minute Zoom.


No need to be working long-term with me to book this powerful stand-alone session.

We usually have ONE objective to work through in our 75-minute session. It can address your current challenge or look at an opportunity, or simply be a deeply held support session where you need an objective ear, open heart and different perspective. It will be a combination of coaching, mentoring and specific process work to get INTO the heart of the matter and what is blocking the flow
You may need to send prep through beforehand so we get stuck into shifting stuff!

This is also how we connect to see if you wish to work on a bigger chapter/transition with me as your support mentor, advisor and guide. If you do book a personal retreat or coaching package within one week, you will get 50% of this (£75) credited off the price of the package (when you have paid full price)

Perhaps you are feeling stuck, need to make a decision, or want a business strategy session to re-think your plan of action and how to best harness your ideas?

I have been an intrepid entrepreneur all my life and built successful businesses by knowing what to say yes VS. no to. It’s also important to honour the cycles of endings and beginnings, rather than simply pushing through relentlessly.
I am a great strategic thinker who can both support and challenge you to think differently, take more time off, step away to retreat in order to gain a clearer perspective, or lean and push when required.

I always has ideas, energy, and a kickass yet compassionate approach to life and business. I call a spade a spade and will tell you to stop mucking about. With oodles of love and kindness.


Working with Kate is a transformational experience. Your life will never be the same and neither will you. With all the confidence in the world I can say to you that working with Kate is the best investment you will ever make and that if you are serious about change and growth – you will reach out today and connect with her. Naheed Hassan – International Development Consultant. Trainer and Entrepreneur

Thank you Kate for a life-changing energy-shifting session. Working with energy myself I thought I knew what to expect…. Gosh! What a powerful session, the energy shifted, stored emotions were released and within a few hours, there were physical, noticeable changes in my life as a result of our session together! Jacqui Bourne

Kate’s expert facilitation and her incisive but sensitive way of getting to the heart of a matter helped me to shift some deep-seated issues. Kate will challenge you to go deeper because she 100% believes in you and your potential. She supports you in stepping into your authentic self, will catch you when you fall and leaves you feeling inspired and believing in yourself. It has been such a transformational process that I have signed up for further 6 months! Di Atherton
As a coach myself, I am very particular about who I entrust my own coaching to, and Kate’s that person. I have known and worked with Kate since 2008 and she has consistently assisted me to reach new insights and to cross the threshold into the unknown in a supportive and caring way. I love working with Kate and highly recommend her. Belinda Coleman xx

Amazing! I spent my morning looking at how I can shift from an old way into a new way in my business…3 years in and it’s time to shift the model! Very grateful for your time and provocation Kate Emmerson! Also grateful for being able to step back and reimagine… Wendy Nagel  CEO The Potentiality Co.

Kate was an amazing sounding board in our strategic session. She helped me find the courage to acknowledge the life I want to lead this year and identify all the key layers- family and parenting, business productivity, energy and space, as well as health and personal fitness that I need to attend to. The informal lunch session was hard-hitting and all I needed to catalyze the powerful next steps in making it real. Sometimes we just need that wise, neutral, compassionate but challenging ear- Kate listens deeply, asks insightful questions, calls you on limiting beliefs and then sends you on your way with a host of ideas to consider and resources to support you.

I deeply rely on those strategic lunch sessions to keep me on track, what a gift! Juliette Jenner  CEO The Dynamic Voice Co


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