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If you have already contacted Kate and have agreed that global online coaching is your preferred way forward, buy your sessions now…

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If you have already contacted Kate and have agreed that online mentoring/ coaching/ support is your preferred way forward, you may buy your sessions now in the shop.

Do you need a personal Kick Start to your life?

Want to achieve goals but need some heartfelt support?
Want to make changes to your life but don’t know how?
Need someone to hold your hand through a challenging time?
Know there are better things destined for you?
Need a professional life coach to help you?

Online live ZOOM  is how I have worked with my international clients for the past 18  years, long before 2020 forced everyone into it. I work with clients with busy schedules and who travel the world as I do. Please let me assure you that it is a fantastic way of experiencing exponential shifts in your life. Approximately 80% of my one-to-one / masterminds have traditionally been done over video platforms online – for YEARS.

Online coaching reduces the costs of both time and money, PLUS most importantly it lets us work together anywhere in the world. I have worked with clients as far afield as Ireland, USA, Saudi, Scotland, London and The United Arab Emirates with absolute ease! I even work with clients over Skype when we live in same city. I do NOT love traffic 🙂

Please mail me on discuss your exact needs so we can tailor a package to suit you. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form to send me some details

Or go ahead and buy 6 x 60 minute sessions now.


“I met Kate in Cape Town just as I had started my business, was building a new home, newly married and under a huge amount of pressure with absolutely no balance in my life. Kate got me started on an 8 week, intense daily coaching program starting with some of the strangest, at the time, visualisation and confidence building exercises I had ever seen. I remember coming home to my wife and telling her that she must expect to see me doing some pretty different things over the next few weeks. It wasn’t far short of this. To add to this, I had to sign a contract with Kate to indicate my commitment! Nothing like a contract to wake you up and ensure you do as you’ve committed.

Rapidly I got into a daily routing of completing my exercises and being aware of how I conducted myself and everything around my life. Slowly I started finding balance in my life and amazingly I realised that I could get through everything in my day from running a new business, managing the construction of a new home, eating healthily, exercising regularly and giving my wife all the attention she needed including special days on the beach with friends!

How did it turn out? Well those 8 weeks turned into 4 years using the teachings and special techniques Kate opened up to me, visualisations (don’t be afraid of them guys), instant mind blowing confidence techniques, life balancing abilities and the list goes on.

Without Kate I know I would never have coped and never have figured it out alone, there is just too much out there! Once again Kate has worked with me over the last few months on letting go of issues in my life and I am just about to start another program with her. What Kate has taught me I will carry for the rest of my life and I will work with Kate as new areas in my life change, as change is inevitable.

I truly and honestly suggest if you have any inner desire to change something in your life for the better, work with Kate but only if you’re serious about it as she doesn’t let you fail once you are in her hands!

Thank you Kate, for helping me change my life’s direction and for all you will help me with in the future.”

Brett P


“I want to relate my wonderful, life-changing experience with Kate. When I met Kate, I had been reading self-help books for two years, had been a stay at home mom for almost 5 years, was frustrated and unhappy and had lost all confidence in myself. Reading Kate’s ad in a Moms & Tots booklet resonated deeply with me. There was so much I wanted to do, and yet I didn’t know where to start, so with a lot of hope and a fair amount of skepticism I reached out to her. It was the best gift I have ever given to myself. From our first meeting, Kate helped me relax and started me off on small steps I could take while focusing on feeling better about myself. From my first hesitant steps we moved forward within a few weeks into building a concrete set of goals for my immediate and long term future. Chief among them was my getting back to work.”

As our relationship developed, Kate pushed me harder to stretch myself, get out of my shell and do what it took, to achieve my goals. I made a list of 40 contacts, cold-called them to set up 20 meetings and 6 interviews. And then I ‘fortuitously’ met an alum from my grad school who pointed me in the direction of the firm he was working at, and a month later I had a job! Not only did I have a job, but I had my dream job which met all the criteria I had set out in my goal plan. The job gave me an excellent working environment, a great team, challenging, meaningful work in my area of specialty, a good salary package and the flexible hours I wanted so that I could spend time with my daughters. And all this took me 3 months to achieve!

This did not happen for me without a lot of effort and hard work on my part. But I could not have done it without Kate. Her motivation and focus, the truly amazing techniques she has taught me have helped me create a new and fuller life for myself. I continue to go back to Kate, not out of dependence and need, but because I have never walked out of a session with her without feeling like I have learned something new that helps me grow even more. I have overcome my fear of maths with her, have brought joy back into my life and have even learned to enjoy my two little daughters more. Kate is a gift that anyone who strives to be more than they are, needs to give themselves. Sometimes we all need a hand to help us along. If you truly want to change, I know that Kate can help you, in ways you can never have imagined. Thank you Kate, for being so wonderful and thank you for coming into my life and helping me start to become the person I have always wanted to be. Naheed Hassan, Johannesburg


Hello Kate

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me. I’ve struggled with my weight for some 6 months now and although I needed to lose just 3 kg, the effort of losing it had weighed me down. I felt a failure, suffered continuous migraines because I am intolerant of the foods that were adding the weight, not forgetting the guilt and anger at my failure to do something “so simple”. In one session, we discovered my payoff, the fact that I don’t nurture myself, plus you taught me “Tapping” and other skills which I practice daily. Karin Milner 


“I have always had high expectations of myself in everything I did. My life seemed to be right on track according to my planning. Even before my kids I dreamed of having my own business and even took some steps towards that. But after I had my two sons, 20 months apart, I sort of lost track. I felt out of touch with the outside world. I had no motivation, no interest and no joy in life. Even though I was still working part time, it felt as is my life revolved around my small little world of babies and running the household tasks. I was depressed and had a low self-esteem, something that never used to be a problem for me. One day I read an article in a magazine about life coaching. There were a few names and contact details. I decided to phone all of them to get a good idea of what it was about. I contacted about five coaches and Kate stood out head and shoulders above the rest. When I phoned I was not even sure what I needed or if I needed it, but her enthusiastic and lively manner just sucked me in and I could not turn back. It was no hard decision to choose her out of the five and to commit to eight sessions of coaching with her. This was the best gift I could have given myself. Kate has a direct, to the point way of getting your life sorted out. No excuses! But in a very caring way. She is a lovely human being with a HEART and I could feel it with every session. She had an answer for everything and I felt energized and motivated whenever I talked to her. Her ideas are practical and realistic. She guided me in every aspect of my life and I am still motivated by them, even after the sessions ended. Business-wise I have reached my December goal in August already and I am extremely excited about what the future holds. I spend a lot of quality time with my husband and two boys and am thoroughly enjoying it. We are making beautiful renovations to our house and we are planning our family holiday in Mauritius next year! Does that sound like a dream life? I am living my dream!! Thank you Kate!! Theresa


I saw an article about you having coached a woman in the Real Simple magazine and I just had a “feeling” that I must contact you. Contacting you was a sort of catalyst for me – it not only confirmed that I was worth the trouble of investing in myself, but it also set in motion a multiplier effect that seemed to transcend the “baggage” I was so clearly carrying at the time. In effect, I was suddenly “in flow” rushing toward my goals and enjoying the process as I went along. I appreciate your candour and directiveness – the latter being somewhat of a challenge to me, being a person who so often thinks about things a lot, but rarely puts that into action. I enjoyed your openness and broadmindedness with me which included several healing/shifting modalities in the process. I also got a sense of your sincere empathy but did not feel overwhelmed by it.

This process (which continues each day) was a renewal period for me. It was my stake in the ground. It was me shouting “I will not settle anymore for mediocrity!” I have felt more motivated, alive and well than ever before. I have captured something here which is magical and illogical at times and wonderful all at the same time. I sense it is the essence I had been searching in earnest for which, not being stagnant, I will grow and change in time. This process has been an awakening for me who was a reluctant participant in life and who now wants to embrace it and live it and be it….Thank you for journeying with me and directing me so compassionately in the last two months….

Best regards, Colleen



Trudging down the dusty road, watching my feet shuffle wearily before me, too afraid to look up at the sky and embrace the sun for fear of tripping, terrified to look left or right for possibly seeing the truth I knew was eluding me.

Suddenly at a cross roads I found myself one day, daring to look up ever so slightly and see a special someone casting a welcome shadow across my care-worn face. Come walk with me for a while, she said. Let me help you to uncover a happier, successful, calmer, focused you. With tentative steps, wobbly at first from years of shuffling, I started to move out of my zone, the uncomfortable comfort that had been mine for too long. Slowly, beautifully, steadily, we moved forward, ever exploring, ever expanding on the wonderfulness that is Me. In years to come, I will undoubtedly be blessed with many challenges and changes – it’s the universe’s way of helping us to grow and learn. These I can now face with excitement and enthusiasm, knowing that all I need is always within me.

I have written these few lines to briefly outline the wonderful changes and beautiful experiences I have enjoyed thus far with you, Kate. I was crying out for a new beginning, for new direction when I met you, really not sure which way to go, but together we’ve changed all that. With courage and discipline from my side and your patient guidance, loving energy and life-changing coaching skills, we’ve made such ecstatic, positive changes to my life and for that I will always be grateful (to both of us).
Lots of Love Victorious Vicki


Dear Kate I would like to put on paper how grateful I am for our coaching sessions over the last six months.The sessions have been beneficial in terms of showing me how to simplify my life, focus on what is important and scheduling time in each of the eight areas. There were two occasions when I was despondent about business etc. and after I had spoken to you, you put everything into perspective for me. I enjoyed your relaxed manner but firm approach as this helped keep me from going off track at times. Overall I feel positive, energised and excited about all the possibilities and feel that I have a good plan to move forward. I will certainly recommend your services to others and look forward to us perhaps having another session or two during the year.

Kind regards Georgina Laros


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