SHIFT YOUR HOME Consultation: Embrace the light


A 75 minute CLUTTER CONSULTATION to “unpack” your clutter situation

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What if you know you need some professional help to finally get on top of your clutter situation and disorganization but you have no idea where to start or how long it will take you to clear up your life? It might seem too expensive and only for those on TV reality shows!! It can feel terrifying, overwhelming and out of your grasp. So if the mere thought of having to deal with all your clutter makes you want RUN fast as a gazelle and then hide away forever, you are in the right place. Kate is used to jobs big and small, and loves helping people get back on track after re-gaining the freedom from clutter.

This personal consultation is 75 minutes with Kate.
It is usually conducted as an online ZOOM session from anywhere in the world to jump-start your clutter journey, “unpack” your personal clutter and get instant solutions for the way forward with your specific situation.
It CAN be face-to-face depending on Kate’s itinerary and location, but please do not expect this as the norm without first checking where Kate physically is in the world.

Kate will help you look at your clutter from a professional angle, assess the negative cost of your clutter, show you practical tips to get started and then leave you with a specific way forward. That could mean working with her in several ways:

  • through her book CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER o
  • in a coaching format for accountability, support and project deadlines
  • hiring her to come IN to your home /office and DO the work with you

Should you wish to work directly with her, Kate will also use this consultation time to fully understand the scope of your personal situation and duration/ cost estimated to complete your project. Depending on the size of your project, up to 50% of this consultation fee will be credited towards the quoted fee.



  • You will get a true assessment and perspective of your clutter at last
  • Being told like it is with understanding and compassion – but no more hiding beneath your layers!
  • Face your feelings of overwhelm, embarrassment, frustration and exhaustion with someone who truly understands
  • Practical tips and ideas to get started on your own immediately
  • An outline of the way forward  and the options available to regain your life
  • It is the only way to gain direct input from Kate – either you will know you can complete your task on your own, or you will have access to the best clutter expert in the world to come and DO your project with you


Buy her BEST SELLING BOOK: CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER using links below to get started immediately




Here’s to a clutter-free world, one shelf, one room, one home, one LIFE at a time.



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