VIRTUAL BESPOKE 1:1 RETREAT -anywhere in the world


A bespoke retreat in the privacy of your home. There is something phenomenal at not needing to go anywhere to get maximum impact from your “pause and reflect” time.

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Imagine you and me working together – pausing to reflect, process and transform your life and business?

I responded to her client’s demands to support them on retreat in their own home, (even while needing to work)
We call this a hybrid retreat.
There is something phenomenal at not needing to go anywhere, which is also much more difficult right now with travel restrictions, isn’t it? A bespoke retreat in the privacy of your home- Bliss!
When life and work demands are high, but you KNOW you need to find the space to go within ….this is an ideal solution for clients all over the world. The best thing – you can do one of these at any time of the year.

Bespoke retreats start from £695 for fixed dates 2.5 days – £1595 for longer retreats

This is decided upon by consultation with Kate and works around your needs and time.

Usually Friday  12.00 pm – Sunday 8.00 pm
£695 investment

Maybe one day we will meet somewhere face-to-face in the world, but for now, you need to disconnect from all the chaos and demands and hold yourself to your promise to take some time off!

Did you read all about what others said here

Join Kate’s next fixed retreat dates at the GBP 695

  • Limited number of clients who will be working on a similar theme at the same time
  • Your retreat is 100% individual, private and personalized just for YOU with zero group interaction
  • There is something wonderful knowing others are also holding themselves to their promise at the same time energetically.

Maybe you need a different perspective
Want to learn a life-changing technique to shift your dilemma once and for all
Simply talk through some ideas you are needing to make sense of to make an important decision
Need an impartial, compassionate ear to help you see the wood for the trees
Need someone to ask you the tougher questions you have been avoiding.Or perhaps you simply want quiet time dedicated to YOU.This is also the perfect gift for someone at a massive crossroads in life
Divorce; death, grief and loss; moving countries; new business demands; closing out an old chapter; retiring from work; selling a business. selling your home, burnout tearing you down.
For someone needing to make massive decisions, or find a new life and new vision for the futureIdeal for that person needing to believe in themselves again and find their inner ‘shine’ after a massive life-change.

Coaching Retreat as featured in The Guardian UK Jan:  GUARDIAN ARTICLE HERE 

This is a private, tailored retreat experience for anyone about to make some bold moves or decisions. It pivots on three, hour-long private live online coaching sessions with a lifestyle coach, author and speaker Kate Emmerson, who is also on hand throughout the weekend for additional support as needed, and features bespoke exercises, processes, rituals and questions to ponder for the rest of your time. Fun, light-hearted and full of vigour and life, South-African born Kate is an ideal person to help you identify your next step forward.
Session one will focus on strategy to set your intention and prepare your retreat blueprint
Session two will focus on supporting you while you are on your retreat
Session three will offer quiet time to help you reflect on and integrate your insights.

Limited to 6 individuals to ensure each client has her personal attention.
There is NO REQUIRED GROUP work at all, yet there is something wonderful in knowing others are doing similar intentional retreat work at the same time as you for tapping into that collective consciousness!

Everything is bespoke and tailor-made just for YOU – yes really!
2.5 days to go within, press pause and reconnect to yourself with guided retreat exercises.
Friday  12 noon – Sunday 8.00 pm DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED
£695 investment
You can also do shorter / longer / different dates upon request. Price upon request


Make your investment to join a themed Retreat on a specific date
Fill out the short form
Set up the first Strategy session to prepare you for your weekend retreat
Receive support and specially designed processes specifically for you throughout the weekend. The aim is to spend as little time as possible online, so we do not have endless zoom meetings
My aim is to point you in the right direction so that you get the MOST out of your retreat, and I am available for support as needed


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