28th SEPTEMBER – 3rd OCTOBER ’24 
Includes 6 weeks Mastermind 



Are you an entrepreneur or corporate leader doing your best to thrive and live an aligned life so that your personal and business goals energize you and give you a deep sense of purpose?
And you also get despondent, question your decisions, feel lonely on the journey, don’t always know who to trust or talk to, and have to face massive struggles or evaluate huge opportunities all on your own?

Do you wish you had a group of like-minded peers? Imagine a team of folk a bit like an independent board of directors to help guide, support, nudge, offer strategic thinking and ask you the really tough questions no one else will?

Peers who can offer up their own life and business experience from a “been there done it, failed a few times” point of view- who can point out the delights and dooms of possible ways forward on your journey. Who can be your biggest cheerleader and play devil’s advocate in the same sentence.

A group of people who also have your best interest at heart and who will help connect and network you into their little black books. Who might help you connect in to the right folk for business, life or hobbies.
People who are on your team – even though their business and life might be polar opposite to yours.

Welcome to Mastermind with Kate and your peers!

Mastermind is about having a round table or council of folk placing dedicated hearts and eyes on YOUR business ….and you in turn do the same for each other. 
It is a profound experience and its success relies on a generous and incredibly nurturing process- to feel seen, heard and understood by fellow business owners or leaders, and have a space to make BIG commitments for the way forward and then know you have to deliver on what you say you are going to do!
That’s the kicker – it’s profound support with the nudge to DO what you need to do to level up and shift the needle! It’s not about productivity, it’s about changing and challenging life and business ways of thinking to help elevate each other. Basking in each others’ wins along the way too!

This is not the same as group coaching where one person is the lead coach – here EVERYONE is supporting as equal players in the circle. 
True Mastermind is collaborative, energising and always focused on solutions and outcomes! Or helping you navigate challenges and crossroads with courage and elegance.
In a short word, mastermind is a profound experience.

You have to be willing to share – where you are at, your challenges and struggles as it might help someone else, share contacts, be willing to be vulnerable and also to own your unique set of skills and expertise! Be your authentic self – warts and all!

Well-meaning colleagues, family, friends and staff are not well equipped to offer you support are they? It can feel lonely making decisions, taking responsibility, needing to forge forward, with people relying on you, managing your own inner demons and patterns. Perhaps you have been knocked down a bit and wondering what on earth is next.

What decisions are aligned to your future?

 Facilitating exponential growth in business and personal development – both for yourself and each other. Challenging and nudging one other with kindness and compassion. By raising the bar and creating poignant and purposeful goals, we brainstorm solutions and interact with each other with total honesty, respect and love.

Thus each participant acts as a catalyst for everyone’s growth. Whilst being your greatest champion of support they may also play devil’s advocate to support you in navigating changes in your life. Imagine the effect of sharing time and space with other business owners and leaders who are masters in equal but different ways to you.


Kate is now adding the unique twist of gathering this Mastermind on the remote sacred island of Iona. Her retreat format means oodles of replenishing downtime, gorgeous walks, refreshing swims and fire-side chats after dinner. The island will work its special magic, providing a safe and inspirational space to connect and mastermind lives and businesses. This retreat is a unique opportunity!
Expect intense connect time, and profound alone time to integrate and process!

28th SEPTEMBER – 3rd OCTOBER ’24 
Includes pre Retreat connect call to meet your peers
PLUS all important 6 weeks Mastermind post retreat

The inherent power of a mastermind group?

* Challenged with love via the synergistic energy of an intimate group

* Raise the bar on your business/ career and personal life FAST

* Share your expertise, experience, skill and knowledge openly

* Bounce ideas around for collaborative problem-solving

* Instant and valuable support network to boost your confidence

* Enjoy a personal board of directors who are totally objective

* Become au fait at concisely asking for what you need

* And always many, many laughs and even a few tears!

Why would you participate in this Mastermind Retreat?

* Similar levels of success and personal work done with Kate, means everyone enjoys equal benefits

* Manifest extraordinary things through commitment & intention

* You understand the benefit of who you surround yourself with

* It’s the chance to partner with special souls on the sacred isle of Iona with a common objective 

* You are ready to shift gears and STEP UP to LIVE A LITTLE LARGER

* Have a passionate desire to overcome any fear of facing  and embracing the next chapter

* You have completed Cutting the Threads work in SOME form and this is the next step

* Kate has been intimately involved with and facilitated 14 different Mastermind groups

* She has facilitated 30 retreats and brings relevant experience, passion and unique expertise

Each person’s complete participation is key. This is not a retreat to sit back and learn – it involves participating and the giving and receiving of ideas, experience and energy to support each other in all areas of life.

This is not therapy or coaching this is a unique and exclusive forum to ‘mastermind your life’ tapping into the collaborative power of synergy and intention!



If you have been personally invited by Kate- then you are eligible because you are already recognised as someone who is on the threshold of change and done the groundwork. If you are new to Kate and her work, you will be required to engage in some 1:1 virtual coaching work prior to joining this mastermind so it will truly benefit your life! 

Participation is appreciated by each person to help with laying the table/ washing up in our beautiful venue. Think of it as “service” to the group energy. 

You are also encouraged to contribute ‘something from your heart’ to the retreat process. What do you just love sharing – what is your skill? This can be as simple as reading a couple of poems to us, leading a swim, baking a delicious cake for afternoon tea, hosting a yoga session on the beach, a fun game or sharing a life-changing technique you have learned over the years. The idea is to help you contribute to the experience and share from your heart. Maximum 90 minutes! Remember – everyone can do “something” so try and embrace this challenge in some form.

Kate will be facilitating and participating in all the powerful mastermind sessions and holding the sacred container for the retreat. 

With your unique input, the mastermind retreat will be curated into a beautiful and
life changing experience



Just up the lane from the ferry landing stage on the beautiful Isle of Iona is Erraid, a traditional, whitewashed house that has been beautifully refurbished to provide all 21st-century comforts in a traditional setting. At the center of the island in Baile Mor Village, this beautiful retreat home makes it perfect to get anywhere on the island with ease.
North Shore is 20 and Columba’s Bay is just 40 minute’s walk away.

The house has been furnished and equipped with great care and skill in a manner which perfectly complements the style of the house. A sunny porch with handy storage and seating welcomes you. The spacious sitting room has a beamed ceiling and cosy, comfortable seating that is centred round the open fire. With windows on three sides and lovely views of the Abbey, the room is lovely and bright by day and warm and welcoming by night.

The traditional dining room is partially open to the well-equipped and fully up-to-date kitchen so the cook doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun. The large range cooker means that cooking will be easy and having the useful utility room housing some of the appliances keeps the main space uncluttered. A family bathroom complete the downstairs accommodation.

Upstairs there are four bedrooms, two doubles and two twin rooms, that are all pleasantly presented in a cosy modern style.
There is also a modern, tiled wet room-style shower room.

Outside there is an enclosed fairy garden to the rear with a bench where you can sit out and admire the beautiful Abbey.

The house was originally built in 1939 by the retiring lighthouse keeper of Erraid and takes its name from the nearby island, which is where David Balfour thought himself marooned in Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Kidnapped’ and nearly starved, until two locals told him he could wade across to the mainland at low tide. Not one of his finer moments!


We will eat breakfast at Erraid house, lunches will usually be eaten out / picnic and then family-style dinner back at home. Support is requested for setting table / clearing up after each meal – everyone chips in so we can have fun with it! Zero stress.
ALL costs of meals and yummy afternoon teas, regardless of where eaten, are INCLUDED in your investment!

Our final evening celebration will be a feast at the local hotel along the village street , complete with wine of course. Think kelp-fed lamb, locally caught fresh fish and delicious vegetarian food from the organic garden behind the hotel.

Please give advanced notice of any allergies.


The iconic Iona Abbey – for pilgrims from all corners of the earth

Days consist of quiet contemplation alongside group connection and Kate’s unique mastermind process

We will make the most of the island and the weather alongside the energy and needs of the group, day by day.

Expect some dedicated silence built into the day, group mastermind sessions, alone time, and delicious shared meals for connection and heartfelt chats. This is a retreat after all … which means slowing yourself
down and having plenty of time and space to BE.


5 nights accommodation – Erraid House 28th September – 3rd October
Powerful Mastermind Process
5 Dinners, 5 Breakfasts, 5 Teas & 4 Lunches 
Retreat starts with dinner on day 1 to allow for travel 
★ Final evening celebration feast at the Argyll Hotel, wine included
Surprise experiences included – each day is a delight!
 All materials required while on the island
   Extend an extra two nights £75 per night in Erraid House. All food for own account on extra nights
   When Erraid House is full, additional rooms can be booked at the nearby hotel – additional supplement


★ Pre-Retreat Group Call – connect with everyone in the Mastermind and learn how to best prepare yourself for this transformational format!

SIX WEEK Mastermind process post Retreat to create the space to support the actual shifts when back home and life comes at you! 

This 6 week follow up, meeting every two weeks on zoom will support you to live into your powerful commitments, take courageous leaps, leverage each others’ support and connections and integrate your mastermind and support each other on your journey ahead!

A non-refundable deposit of £1000 upon acceptance into Mastermind Retreat
Final balance payable 8 weeks before arrival

★  Transport to and from Iona Island. Getting here is part of your pilgrimage.
★  Any personal massages/treatments
★  Wine/alcohol other than final evening celebration
★  Bicycle hire to explore the island
★  Any items of a personal nature
★  Personal, medical
or trip cancellation insurance


No money can buy what I’ve experienced and learned from this Mastermind group and process as it opened my eyes, ears and most importantly my mind to a different level. All the wonderful elements of my self-awareness journey over the past five years suddenly made sense to me. I have learned so much about myself, but more importantly about other people in the process. We all have to work through different issues in our personal and business lives. Seeing others solving problems, sharing successes and sharing their dreams helps one to look at your own life and set goals and commit oneself to your these goals.
BT – Agency Owner and Entrepreneur

I can’t tell you how fired up I am for a new growth area in my business that I hadn’t even contemplated. I’m motivated, excited, stretched, and flying! Maybe there is something that you are not seeing, that someone else can pinpoint for you straight away that will change/enhance/grow/improve/nurture what you doing at the moment. I can’t express enough how amazing it is to know that I’m accountable to other people who care about me and where I’m going. I can only thank Kate and my ‘Board of Directors’ for kicking my butt to become a force to be reckoned with in my dynamic business. The plodding-along approach that I was used to was a waste of time. This energy is vital to shift me to the next level.
Georgie Colling – owner of Rafia Solutions

My Mastermind coffee/breakfast/wine meets have become a highlight and an important part of me keeping myself in check in terms of where I’m at and staying committed to doing what I said I was going to do by when I said I was going to do it! I also have the gift and privilege of my own huge learning and insight through the open and generous sharing of my group and their experiences in their lives. Both good and bad. The friendships that I have found and grown in the Mastermind space are profoundly authentic and I have no doubt will continue forever with or without Mastermind”.
Brad Shorkend – leadership coach and partner in SEED ACCELERATOR – URBAN EVEREST THINK DIFFERENTLY

Leading a hectic life like most people, there is very seldom an opportunity to focus on things that are and should be treated as important. With MM I used the opportunity to do that and set that time as a priority for me… and suddenly I could break through in areas with interaction with my family where previously it looked like it was going to be impossible. Due to this, I have managed to achieve an ambitious amount of goals in 3 months.

“From the moment we met, it was an instant connection of like-minded, purpose-driven business owners. It’s an exciting platform for unpacking any possible, perceived obstacles and supporting and empowering one another in a non-obtrusive, safe and caring environment. Kate knew how to combine the personalities, ambitions and core values of each of us to create a hub of powerful exchange. The gifts of Mastermind groups are endless and I believe that it is a progressive, powerful way of catapulting people into even greater places in our lives – on every level!”
Bonita G – Keynote Speaker, TV Presenter Sydney

Mastermind has been a great opportunity for me to take the necessary steps to grow my business. The support and camaraderie you get from the group is wonderful while they gently but strongly push you out of your comfort zone towards greater success and growth. It also keeps you focused on your goals in a way that ensures positive forward momentum. You also know that there is a group of people always looking out for opportunities for you – like ambassadors for your business. I love every minute of Mastermind and have gained so much more than ever expected!
Dina Cramer – Spiritual IQ trainer

Did you see all the above videos – imagine an entire retreat!

Kate supports women on the threshold of making courageous leaps and she lovingly guides, supports and nudges you forward. She oozes light, possibility and presence.


She believes in the strategic power of disconnecting from the outside world to journey within to greet your heart. She is known to facilitate effortless and rapid shifts while also embracing the wisdom of patience and divine timing for transformation.

She has a diverse toolbox gleaned from 20 years of coaching, mentoring and facilitating transformational retreats globally. She lived globally #LocationFree for 7 years, leaning into her motto of #LiveLightLiveLarge. Her 5th book that inspires others over 45 to take this journey, titled “10 Lessons for Living Location Free” can be found here 

Known as South Africa’s de-clutter expert ensures you will be in professional hands – someone who can see the bigger picture, yet who can also hone into the details of what’s keeping you stuck and stagnant. She embodies a unique combination of patience, compassion, insight, and kindness along with her no-nonsense, stop-mucking about energy and well-aimed heel when needed. Using a combination of down-to-earth spiritual practices, stress-busting techniques, 22years business and life coaching, EFT, NLP and a toolbox gleaned from over 2 decades of transformational work with international clients. She has facilitated

She has shared her life-changing work globally, from Dubai, Italy, Scotland, USA, South Africa, DRC, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Greece, Italy, Spain, Romania, the Czech Republic and more.

Kate is described as a mix of insightful spiritual energy that’s grounded in the real
world of practical
life and business experience.


A non-refundable deposit of £1000 secures your place.
If the retreat is canceled due to Covid or another emergency, there will be another retreat date offered.

The balance of payment is due six weeks before your retreat

You are strongly advised to take up trip, cancellation and medical insurance

Please note the following cancellation terms:

➜ Up to 90 days before the start date of the retreat, 50% of the full fee paid
(LESS THE NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT) will be reimbursed within 14 days

➜ 60-90 days before the start of the retreat, 25% of the full fee paid
(LESS THE NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT) will be reimbursed within 14 days

➜ 0-60 days before the start of the retreat, 0% of the full fee paid will be reimbursed