Kate has found a unique way to weave together all that brings her heartfelt joy and merge that alongside her real strengths. At 53, she is focused on supporting women on the THRESHOLD OF MAKING COURAGEOUS LEAPS!

Kate is considered a very down-to-earth coach, advisor and mentor who marries the practical with the spiritual while seeking a purposeful version of life. With a massive appetite for change, love, travel, food, authenticity, wine, coffee and a raucous laugh – she is always up for an adventure. She is at home dressed to the nines in heels for the opera playing #citygal …as she is in traversing boggy hills in boots and soul-searching playing #islandgirl. She’s a pretty savvy salsa dancer and can whip up a delicious meal astoundingly fast.  She pulled off being an executive chef in a villa (one summer in Provence as a self-proclaimed non-chef). She owned a Harley-Davidson once upon another life, is always on the lookout for heart-shaped rocks on remote beaches. She always misses her beloved cat, Stripey, who has a new forever home in South Africa.

She helps you question your life, your choices and how you spend your time, and is someone you can sip champagne with  while flirting endlessly with life and daring to be a tad bolder in your choices.

She thinks out of the box. Imagine finding solutions?
She will help you take up your rightful space in the world. Imagine feeling taller and prouder?
She’ll not let you shrink back from challenges. Can you feel your courage expanding yet?
She’ll help you question if it’s even the right challenge to be tackling? How about getting your priorities straight?
A dash of real authentic common sense– someone who has “got your back.” What would you do with that kind of support? You would FLY!
Compassion with a bit of oomph! Feel that hug to nudge you along your path?

Kate is passionate about helping you disconnect and unplug, so you can ‘STEP IN’, listen to your heart and figure out what truly matters. To think bigger but also better. For YOU. Next, she helps you simply stay in that GAP. Without filling it too soon. Then, when the time is right she will help you create beautiful goals to ‘STEP UP’ in your world. Finally, she shares practical tools to believe in yourself and ‘STEP OUT’. To play a bolder game, follow your passion and your bliss.

‘Shifts’ happen when we step away and switch off all the noisy input. Don’t be surprised if insights come fast ‘n furiously when you are in her presence. Kate’s clients say it’s a bit like having a bolt of lightning to connect into.
Full of energy, ideas, heart, possibilities and a way forward no matter what

She isn’t one for mucking about, hence her name the QUICK SHIFT DEVA. She has oodles of patience and full of kindness to walk with you through the doldrums and the rough times.

Kate knows the power of deep emotional release, forgiveness and letting go. Sacred Ritual. Not too much fluffy airy-fairy nonsense – but rest assured she has all these tools up her sleeve when needed. She has taken her message of LIVE LIGHT LIVE LARGE to the next level by stepping into what she has called THE MINIMALIST MANIFESTO, living #LocationFree since Jan 2016. That meant 3 boxes in storage and traveling with the rest of her belongings up until 2022 when she created a small base on a sacred island called Iona.

Do you have someone in your life that can hold you to a bolder and brighter version of yourself?

Kate works with women on the threshold of making courageous leaps. From individuals and entrepreneurs to C-suite execs globally. Clients include the YPO/ YPO Gold, Nike, Massmart, Sage VIP Payroll, Investec, Air Mauritius, Dove, HP, Tsogo Sun, EY, Standard Bank and Dermalogica. And many more over the years. She is a UK-trained Master Life Coach (Member of Association for Coaching UK).

She combines psychology, coaching, mentoring and deep process work, including family constellations, NLP, and EFT to bring a multi-faceted toolbox and life experience to her work with you. She offers writing as a healing process alongside Stress Management, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Holistic Wellness. She has many tools up her professional sleeve – including a well-aimed boot or a shoulder to cry on in the quiet moments.

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For the past 19 years, she has been deeply fulfilled shifting lives and having a total ball while doing it.

She has been running a global coaching business combining:

* Gallivanting around the world to run personal transformational and writing retreats
* Keynote speaker at international conferences, Women’s events and C-Suite boardrooms
* A fore-runner in the online coaching space since 2005
* Thriving coaching business -and helps new coaches strategize their business models
* South Africa’s expert in de-cluttering homes, offices, hearts, and lives. Her best-selling book CLEAR YOUR CLUTTER, interviews, and TV appearances share her deep love of that de-cluttering process.
* Published 5 books! See shop for links to them all!
* Created 11 online coaching courses. She subsequently sold off that IP to give it a new lease on life!)
* Written prolifically for magazines, newspapers, and her blog
* Run countless Mentorships, Bootcamps, Masterminds and Retreats.
Along with international book mentor, editor and ghostwriter Sarah Bullen, these two have heaps of fun working together and you should join one of these if you are an aspiring writer!

When last did you pause, reflect and immerse in the whisperings of your heart?
To bravely strip away that which truly no longer serves you?

Is it time to start asking different questions?


Kate has taken her life and business to the next level by harnessing it all and weaving together something new, meaningful and uplifting!
She will be offering more:

Purposeful, transformational, retreat work and masterminds
New retreat themes/ focus/ intentions
Idyllic locations to enhance and embrace that theme
Sacred pilgrimages into the heart of the matter
Group retreats ideal for solo travelers to come together
Bespoke retreats created for your team
1:1 VIP personal bespoke retreats (one of the biggest self-gifts)

Kate has been writing since she was 13
Published 5 Books to support clients shift their own lives globally BUY HERE
Sharing writing as a deeply healing process for clients
Supporting aspiring writers’ to complete their books via retreats and mentorships
Blogging and articles


Live Light, Live Large!

Known for her “kickass” style when inspiring audiences with her energetic, life-changing ideas and her no-nonsense practicality. Kate is invited to speak and MC internationally for Women’s groups, entrepreneurs, specialised retreats and corporate conferences.

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Accountability, support and transformation when you decide to say YES to your life. Kate and her “quickshift” team offer personal and corporate coaching, training and workshops. Bespoke solutions are created according to your specific needs to achieve exponential shifts.

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Harnessing the collaborative nature of brainstorming, support & accountability to create exponential shifts in your life. Mastermind is a carefully selected group of people who are committed to exponential growth in all areas. She also runs a niched mastermind on “How to complete your book


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Create streamlined, productive, clutter free spaces to leverage your time, energy and space. Revamping desks, office space, e- mail, filing and of course your brain to increase your personal productivity and effectiveness.


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