Hello – what brings you here today?

If we haven’t met yet and you are here for the first time …what an interesting time to be connecting.
It is 2022 at the time of writing this and I have been living #LocationFree around the world for 6 years. I recently underwent a mammoth re-jig of life, love, business and my country of residence and tax. I imagine you’re on your own deep journey of transition and ‘stepping up’ right now too – and that is what has brought you here?

I took some much-needed time off back in 2020 /21, as I was in a place of both burn-out and boredom – a bizarre combination to be sure. I embarked on an intentional pilgrimage (aka personal retreat) to Iona, a remote western Scottish Isle. I had worked there over 20 years ago, and it whispered my name to call me back to its shores. I journeyed there to pause, reflect and greet my real self again, tapping into all the processes I usually do with my clients. I needed to close out, honour, and release the past, in order to truly bring all of myself into the present! and feel proud of my life and my work. And from that place I have been able to recreate an updated version of myself and my work.

Does that sound like something you need? So often we are stuck in the past or too focussed on the future, right?

The sparkle of possibility exists in that small gap between NO LONGER …and …NOT YET.

You can read my heartfelt sharing of that powerful retreat time here to get a sense of the depth of work I do and what exactly I processed on this Sacred Isle of Iona. I deeply respect the real power that emerges from letting go: whether the physical, body, emotional, mental or in spiritual realms. The intense ritual of letting go and actively embracing closure creates the next step – the intense and real space – what I called The Gap. That gap exists for a reason, as it’s a vital pause before you can decide what to ‘call into’ your life next.

My experience, both professionally, in business and simply in the way I have embraced this journey called life, might just be the tonic, support and compassionate nudge you need at this time in your life.

Right now, as we immerse in 2022, I am very lucky to have created a small base for myself (and you!) on Iona. A place that feels like home, sanctuary and a place to pause and reflect. I host retreats, (both group and private bespoke) and just as I have done for the past 19 years, work with a limited number of select clients all over the world online.

I support women on the threshold of making courageous leaps
My clients are usually in what I call a mid-life phase. It’s a magnificent milestone to reach and cross in our feminine journey. I am called to help you face and embrace your life, challenges, dilemmas and activate your dreams to create the next chapter in your life with purpose.

I will support you to find a sense of inner pride again.
Self-love and Self-care.
For you to expend energy in the right places for the right reasons.
To get closure, pause, and then re-dream your future.

I help clients to be bold and brave and say YES to the right things.
To cross those pivotal thresholds and take that leap.
That may mean closing out and completing various things for you – walking away from a partner, selling your business, leaving a country, facing retrenchment, selling a home, saying no, putting up boundaries – or any other manner of things that involve change, moving on, or a massive upheaval and rift in identity.

It is also about finding your way to sit in the sticky middle, that GAP, the unknown. And doing it mindfully and intentionally.

That potentially dreadful and uncomfortable place we do not usually find it easy to sit with.
We want to chase after the hints of excitement floating about the periphery rather than SIT still and reflect.

The next chapter can then be created from a place of space and it usually involves getting stuck into what really matters: Finally writing your book or blog
Starting that business
Taking that world trip
Buying that home and changing your lifestyle
Or do what I have done for the past 6 years and live #LocationFree globally?
Start speaking on stage, launch that course, start your family, finally stand up for yourself, accept that invitation to the dinner party upstairs, become that artist that resides in your heart or go on that date 🙂

To just live your life with pride, delight and a sense of purpose.
Step into your power & shine your light.

I am known as the QUICKSHIFT DEVA – yes that’s Deva with an E which means “shining one” – and it fills my heart to support you to “LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE”.

You might be drawn to work or come on RETREAT with me if you are: 

*  At a huge crossroads or milestone in your life.
*  What used to work no longer does, but you’re not yet sure what is next.
*  Needing to take some TIME OUT and find a way to listen to your heart again?
*  Wish to honor the call deep inside you – the one that usually gets pushed swiftly to the bottom of the priority list?

We are so terrified of that GAP after NO LONGER, aren’t we?

I am becoming more and more fascinated with the power of creating shifts through the counter-intuitive idea of slowing down, detoxing (both body and tech) and pressing PAUSE in order to PONDER what truly matters. Then from that place of mindful stillness, you can weave your way back into your life and activate your dreams.

If you are still reading, then chances are you are 45-65, a little bored and listless and KNOW in your heart there is more to life. But perhaps you are also too stuck, scared or exhausted to do anything about it.

Maybe it’s all feeling a bit BLEH and overwhelming to be honest?

I offer VIP private retreats on Iona (with limited versions online) group retreats around the world, writing residencies and spend a lot of my time mentoring women approaching powerful transition points. I used to work extensively in the online space running courses, groups, masterminds and coaching for the past 19 years, but now I way way prefer the face-to-face version. Even if that means less work in these odd times and prefer zigging offline while everyone else is zagging online.

Yes, I get the irony in these times where working online seems to be all anyone can talk about – but I’ve shifted into my next phase and chapter of work! I prefer to offer more of myself and work heart to heart,  hand to hand and face to face. With you right in front of me.

Sound like just what you need right now – then perhaps it’s time to make the journey to meet me and greet yourself?

I am known to yackety yack quite a lot on TV, radio and podcasts and share my “expert” opinion in Magazines or my blog. You can see some of those on the media hub page, watch my videos on my YouTube Channel or social media links above. Mostly I love traveling around the world writing, watching sunrises, cold water swimming (aka squealing), salsa dancing,  and looking for cats to cuddle and heart-shaped rocks to add to my ever-expanding collection.

Imagine if you joined me somewhere to shift your life?!

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The Strategic Power of Disconnecting

Fed up of being connected and “on” all the time? I’d love to share my passion about the Counter-Intuitive Art of Slow. Helping you understand the very opposite of what we view as “productivity” and realising why it’s more important to take TIME OUT. How to disconnect in order to deeply re-connect to what matters. I’ll share how to embrace simplicity, be your own #CalmBalm and the art of saying NO when it matters.


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10 Lessons for Living #LocationFree

Do you wish you had the courage to follow your dream, to quench your wanderlust? To downsize, pack light and explore the world while still working? Do you honestly think others are able do it because they’re younger, richer, are single and have fewer responsibilities, with no kids to tag along? Wrong. That’s simply not true. This book will show you that it’s possible no matter what your age! Do you really want to play it safe?  ISBN:978-0-620-90868-9


Write Your Book in 100 Days

Tired of putting “Write a Book” on your to-do list? Need someone to kick-start you into finally writing it and guide you through the entire process, step by step? Then this is for you. Whether you’re a rookie or experienced writer, a storyteller, influencer, company leader, speaker, expert with insight to share or just someone who loves putting words on paper, Write Your Book in 100 Days is going to show you how to write your story, so others want to read it. Specifically for non-fiction /memir writers, but novellists will get plenty of useful tips too! ISBN: 978-0-620-85144-2


SHIFT YOUR HOME – The Power of Closure, Clarity and Clearing to Shift Your Heart and Sell Your Home. FAST!

About to SELL YOUR HOME? Or battling to sell it? Or dreading show days? This book is a game-changer to help you & your realtor get speedy results. No matter the current climate. If you’re about to put your home up for sale OR it’s been stuck for too many ‘Days On Market’ (DOM), help is now here. Whether you’re selling WILLINGLY (upsize, downsize, life-size) or being FORCED to sell due to external circumstances (Covid pressure, death, divorce, relocation, illness, financial), this practical guide offers a unique approach.  Align heart & home to ensure you’re ready to accept your first “Offer to Purchase”. Avoid SABOTAGING the effortless sale of your home.



Kate’s 2nd book (Metz Press) is a purposeful yet practical journey to help you summon your “glitch” out of hiding.  An honest process to Step IN, Step UP, Step OUT. It is filled with snippets of her own life story and interwoven with success stories from brave clients who faced their GLITCH. You will be DOING this book rather than simply reading it. Also translated into Afrikaans – LAAT LOS JOU LAS



Kate’s bestseller (Metz Press) has transformed homes, lives and businesses around the world as she inspires you LET GO, which emanates from her motto of LIVE LIGHT, LIVE LARGE. It is a very practical, no-nonsense book that teaches you the WHY and the HOW of ridding yourself of emotional, physical and body clutter. Her step-by-step process ensures your success, no matter how many times you have tried to get organised and streamlined before. Also translated into Afrikaans – RUIM JOU ROMMEL OP




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