Clarity of intention enhances your user experience of life.

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Do you have clarity in each moment, thus getting the most out of your day before it even kicks into gear?
Before you put your feet on the floor?
Before you get up and hustle through your day?

My intention in this article is to get you to be clear about your intention in each moment.

WHY? You get what you focus on! Do you even know what you want? Why you want it?

We all have dreams and ideals for our lives – so the underlying question for each of us becomes …
What will it take for ME to own up to my life? To say YES to my longings?
What will it honestly take for me to give energy to and take action on my dreams this year- maybe writing my book at last, that Harley trip on Route 66, Walking the Camino, that Alaskan cruise, a Spring reboot retreat, falling in love or starting a business? Maybe it’s time to Sell Your Home and make a whole new transition.
What will allow me to finally give myself permission to go after what matters in my heart?
How can I embrace and then transform that pesky internal saboteur that will attempt to trip me up – because it has before?
What will it take for me to say YES to what matters, and NO to what pulls me off that clarity?

Most of the time we float and drift about this planet with very unclear intentions (also known as objectives / goals) about our thoughts, time, energy and direction of purpose. Then we ironically wonder why we get lambasted and bruised from all sides. We wonder why we are burnt-out, sick, miserable, irritable, angry and depressed. If you are ever operating from the frame of “default” and have no clarity about each and every moment, then I know that you are not having much positive effect on your life or experiencing it from others’! Is this all too familiar to you?

The more clarity you have of your personal direction and the clearer your instructions are for your life, the easier it is for YOU to see and experience that in each moment. To see that life is happening FOR you, not TO YOU! TO have insight and patience when things go awry, knowing exactly where you are headed even when you get pulled off track. Like having lines for a script – you know when you are going off track. But you have to have the script in the first place. And SURE, you can ad lib it on the stage of life, but the feedback you get determines whether you are living life to the best of what matters for you! The more effortless it becomes to energetically SHOW UP for yourself.

Think of it like this – imagine sending an email up to “the powers that be” (whatever your version of spirit is), with a clear and specific request of something you want to manifest and chase in your life… then two minutes later sending them another email saying, ‘well actually hang on, I’m not so sure, I don’t think I know how, I don’t deserve it, they need it more than me….what if it’s too much too fast, oh I think I should just be satisfied with what I have …..bla bla bla. What on earth is upstairs to do, other than re-hustle your request and start activating the latest request that canceled out the first. All the doubt, the limiting beliefs, the what if’s, the other people in your head simply take over and sabotage your real wants and desires. The moment you waiver and second guess the initial expanded request…your re-gig the reality and confuse the whole shindig.

Imagine the poor receiver of these emails, who was actually on a very clear job to start fulfilling the first one, who is now scurrying back and forth to try and delete the initial instruction…then wait…. 2 minutes later another email comes through confirming the original one – and on and on and on it goes back and forth. The real irony is that there you sit in your life bemoaning why you are not getting what you say you want. But you do not clearly state what you want! Or when you do – you dither about, with a total lack of clarity.



Having clarity of intention directs your energy, actions and BEING-ness into sharper focus, and therefore you experience better possibility of ‘it’ being delivered into your life. Clarity of intention enhances the user experience of life. Clarity is one of the ways to help support your dreams become goals, and goals to become manifest and experienced in your life. Crystal clear intention.

Clarity of focus = ease of execution of tasks.

When last did you sit yourself down, take a stock take, and get uber clear on WHAT YOU WANT? Perhaps today is the time to do just that?

It is important to find the energy to pull some of your dreams off the top shelf, dust them off and activate them. You have already heard that a goal is simply a dream with a deadline.  To make it come true, a dream needs to be given attention, love, energy, focus and passion. Then it becomes real, tangible and achievable – yes, you might have to walk through some sludge, become a better version of yourself and learn to outwit your own sabotaging inner demons, but unless you activate some juicy goals in life, where’s the exhilaration of chasing things that matter? Pipe dreams are brave but become cowardly if they remain pie in the sky. Something you “talk” about but never “do.” You have to drum up some pure courage to dare to boldly chase after them, not just think about them. Although it is wonderful to prance through life with no fixed clarity, it can be one of the greatest joys to dust off your dreams and be bold enough to commit to them. NOW!

TOP TIPS! This is what I do…maybe something will help you?

  1. Create a mindful INTENTION / THEME for your YEAR AHEAD – it doesn’t have to be the beginning of a new calendar year as you can use the timing of a new season, birthday, anniversary, illness or whatever necessary to mark a new start. I always re-look mine in April, my own birthday month. This intention is usually one or two words or a punchy sentence that exhilarates and inspires me. This will influence EVERYTHING else you choose to focus on for the rest of the year. It’s a guiding beacon, a way to come back when losing your thread.  You can even create a vision board or some other creative way of capturing and energizing this intention/ essence/ theme. I teach my clients all about vision boards. goals and actions in my book DITCH YOUR GLITCH or work directly on this in private VIP days.When in doubt, you can always come back to the clarity of your intention for the year, to re-check what you are focussing on, or whether new goals are aligned with this bigger purpose. My own theme for 2019 is CONNECTED RENEWAL. This is informing EVERYTHING I choose to put my energy into this year!  I change mine annually to help me re-focus and re-strategize, rather than plodding on by default. It is helping me determine what work I agree to, what retreats I am planning, where I am going on holiday, what new projects I am committing to, who I hang out with …..all in the name of deeper connection and personal renewal. We’re only in the 4th month of the year, I can already see the impact of following this purposeful clarity of intention.What about you – what’s your theme for the year ahead? If you don’t have one, but just have several goals – perhaps you can dig deeper to find your theme?  Great exercise to do with friends or partner!
  2. Next create monthly ALIGNED AND CLEAR GOALS: smaller bite-size chunks of things to accomplish each month along the way to your achieving your bigger annual goals /intention. The trick is that your goals need a regular update and stock take. Create clarity by setting up a monthly date with yourself, (and your immediate family) to review what you are proud to have accomplished in the last month, and pre-plan or pre-pave your focus for the month to come. So regularly do a little check-in with yourself, in line with the year – think of it as dovetailing and aligning your goals, and therefore your day-to-day actions into your theme for the year ahead to ensure you move one step closer to actioning your dreams.
  3. Next, you need to think about EACH AND EVERY DAY and how you are going to get the most of each day in line with your month, in line with your theme for the year. There is a concept called “BATCHING” – where you batch together like tasks with like tasks to stay clear about your intention in every single part of every day. Focus all your time and energy as often as possible on ONE THING. (Read this as …DELETE MULTI-TASKING!) Stop operating on the global default of busy, busy, busy and efficient, and rather think about how to be more single-minded, purposeful, focussed and EFFECTIVE. Doing that which really counts, honestly brings joy, moves you into a deeper love of your life and how you are living it. Be ruthlessly precious about your energy and your time management!For e.g., when you are returning business calls, batch them all together to get into that zone – I usually do not take calls unless I know who they are from, and even then I need to be in the right energy zone to talk with purpose. I find it is easier to let my phone go to voice mail, then ring back when I am free of obligations, clear about my intention and 100% focused in the appropriate mode for those calls. Imagine if the big break you want and the big deal you have been waiting for comes through on a phone call and you answer with a hurried “off tone” – your first impression is irreparable!* When doing emails, could you do 20 solid minutes rather than mixing it all up with calls, interruptions and mail?*When you are driving – DRIVE! It’s scary enough out on the roads without simultaneously eating, talking and
    sms’ing.*Set forth an intention for a specific amount of time – 20 minute batches are great for staying focused and keeping
    your intention clear by pre-paving the next slot of time.
  4. Manage your TRANSITIONS between different tasks throughout the day. This is about getting crystal clear about what you have just completed, and the next task you are about to embark on. This is about creating a small PAUSE between tasks, regather your energy and intention before you tackle the next thing. Too often we MORPH between tasks, schmushing (my own word) unconnected things together. This creates hazy thinking, lazy brain activity and reduced efficacy! Just a small PAUSE to re-harness your attention before you gallop off again. TRY IT!WANT TO ENJOY MY LATEST FREE COURSE?
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    With Lightness,