Can you wish upon a star?

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Can you also wish upon a star Kate?

Earlier this month I was having tea with someone on Iona who mentioned they see shooting stars all the time. Often. Regularly. Short bursts of them and looong slow ones.
Nope, not me
Never – well not for 20 years
A baby “harrumph!” uttered under my breath

Then again, I am definitely not complaining as I always look for and therefore see hearts in everything. Everywhere I go! It’s my go-to sign that all is ok and on track for me in life. Yet …after hearing his words, I changed my vocabulary that night to start saying “I see shooting stars!”

I am also saying a resounding YES to new adventures of the heart. Literally two nights later I was on such a “first-date adventure” on the island of Mull and we were walking home from a profound musical soiree. I was telling “Mr. Date X” this same story, saying that I am now choosing to see shooting stars … and you can guess what happened right?

I kid you not! As we were walking back up the hill to the hotel, (now, now – we had separate rooms, take it easy!) overlooking the beautiful Tobermory Bay on a clear winter’s evening…. we both saw a shooting star swoosh elegantly across the sky. I had forgotten just how mesmerizing they are!

I hollered, whooped and giggled with sheer delight.
Closed my eyes and said a prayer!

That annoying adage is pretty much always true…what we are looking for and paying attention to, will usually make itself more visible! Those illuminated sparks are there all the time…I was just looking in another direction.

This was my bright and glittery reminder that wrote itself across the sky.

Want to know how this works in life – YOU PROVE YOURSELF RIGHT!

I have been contemplating this concept a lot for myself as December rolled around this year.
Looking for proof you are not good enough …you will find it
Looking for confirmation you are not loveable – someone will remind you if you let them Wanting to prove the world is a hideous place … you will most definitely find that
Looking to confirm bosses are painful – just go to work for that
Client’s never pay or
People always die or
Lovers betray you or
People can’t be trusted or
Everyone lets you down …ad infinatum

Oh yes, you can have all of this and more proven hundred fold every single awful day!

AND the same is true of the opposite…you also prove yourself right!

Looking for proof of kindness…it abounds everywhere
Looking for love and heart shaped rocks …come view my collection
Need reminding that generosity exists – consume different news
Think the best of people – then the best you will see!
Believe people are generous ….you will witness that daily
Feel grateful for your life …it will keep being kind
Trust that all is working out – it usually does
Know that delays are in your favour – they might just be

And the more you ARE these beautiful qualities, the more you can experience them in return.

Does it mean the hideous, awful, discriminatory reality doesn’t exist – hell no – but we can also choose to focus our hearts and minds on more positive things. In every single moment! Just be also sure to take up the good fight, stand your ground when needed and take action where you genuinely feel called to make a difference. The world needs brave courageous action.

One of the bravest and boldest things you can do – is follow the dreams that are in your heart.
Live YOUR life.
No matter what.
Change where you focus
Change what you look for in others
Change your story – or live into it with relentless courage and honesty
Get help if you need to

It reminds me of this Henry Ford Quote – “Whether you think you can or you
think you can’t, you’re right.”

I am definitely wishing upon stars again after seeing something so sparkly that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years.
Shooting stars are firmly on my radar again!
So is Love
Self worth
Dollops of kindness
Lashing of generosity

So – for today, as the year starts winding it’s way to another end. I’d love to share more about December and where I put my focus. I always find it spirals faster and faster to the finality that looms on the 31st December.


Do you like this time of year?
Love it?
Loathe it?
I personally love it because I harness it as a way to pause and reflect.

I embrace December as a form of permissible do-over.

Sometimes it’s a pat on the back.
Sometimes it’s a bit of a nudge.
Sometimes it’s a slap!
Sometimes it has a sense of humour.
Usually all simultaneously.

I use this time of year to acknowledge what have I done genuinely well, assess where could I up the ante and evaluate what or who I should let go of?

How do you approach December Kate – Dread it or Delight in it?

Lately clients have been asking me to share how I end the year, or close it out.
Do I have any advice for them, etc?


Below is a mish–mash of how I am approaching the end of this year. It’s a quick 6 minute read that may spark a thing or two for you to consider as you bring 2022 to an elegant end.

Most of these are quiet inner processes that require deep, heart-based mulling time.
Much more about an essence of being than hustling and doing.

I generally do this intropsection in the quiet of the morning when I awake and the sun isn’t up yet (it IS winter in Scotland!), when I meditate and journal, or when out exploring and swimming on my island. I find the more I keep my heart and creativity aligned, the easier it is to whisk things off the year end TO DO list with a flourish.


1. Trusting there is another beautiful chapter opening
2. Teeing up heartfelt conversations about longer term ‘footprint’ plans
3. Remembering how much I have laughed all year – my elixir for life
4. Grateful for the professional support I have choose – spiritual healing, osteopath,
homeopath, strategy sessions and global friends
5. Saying thank you to pivotal people who have guided my year
6. Looking for shooting stars of course!
7. Remembering that roses blossom better when pruned ruthlessly
8. Acknowledging Zebras have unique stripes & they never compare them!
9. Tidying up pesky admin from the year – yes, admin schadmin
10. Fulfilling commitments – I made them, so best I complete them
11. Nudging other projects along, notch by notch
12. Staying mesmerized & in love with my “Treasure Trove” Booklets
13. Remaining kind when others cross boundaries, as I see their pain
14. Simultaneously re-considering relationships
15. Staying centered when others are vitriolic
16. Believing in my self worth – I belong here as do you
17.Removing myself off newsletters I’m not vested in
18. Reveling in filling retreats 80% already for 2023
19. Executing big NO’s when time is up
20. Taking some big financial future–based actions
21. Learning “islandgirl” skills weekly! This month it’s how to book couriers to collect things FROM Iona to swoosh around the world for New Year. Earlier this year it was to get groceries TO Iona! Isn’t that a beautiful circle to have closed?
22. Stopping to pat myself on the back at what I have accomplished
23. Taking time to support friends in need
24. Not shrinking back and wishing away the year too soon
25. More 3 degree cold water swims on Iona (see gorgeous pic of me taken TODAY!) Still proudly refusing to wear swimbooties or wetsuit gear!
26. Keeping self care and reflection top of my list every day
27. Starting to date again….oh the ups & downs of that you will definitely hear about after being single for THREE years! (remember my Highland Fling from exactly a year ago?) 28. Putting some big ideas into place for the expansive year ahead
29. Being mindful of how much electricity I consume- playing a game with myself to become more cold resistant
30. Wearing cashmere and wool instead of synthetics
31. Remembering to give back where drawn but not to negotiate my worth
32. Sticking to several hours phone on airplane mode
33.Rewarding intense work with yummy massage
34.Streamlining computer, files and photos! EVERY SINGLE YEAR!
35. Immersing in our final “writing binge” weekend to support our international community 36.Mmmm… very grateful for all chocolatiers and vintners! (aka wine-masters!)
37. Homemade Dhal on the beach after a cold swim
38. Lipstick EVERY day 🙂
39. Making sure I get enough sleep and nursing a shoulder injury.

Bit of a random December year-end selection right?

So, how are you approaching December and does something off my personal list spark resonance and lightbulbs for you? What might you contemplate adding or removing this month?

Most of all, I wish you some peace in your heart, a deeper understanding of all that is happening in our crazy world, and some rest and recuperation as the year comes to a close.

Much Love