Do you ask for a sign you are on the right QUEST?

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Hello Kate and welcome to March.

Can you feel the shift of seasons all around you?

While you may be grappling with some personal things in your life now (and the world certainly is) the shift of light and temperature always serves to reminds me that the wheel turns. No matter what! Things never stay the same – it’s so darn obvious but I do welcome the reminder from nature when the outward ‘Stagnancy’ starts flowing again when the time is right.

Here in Scotland the crocuses and daffodils are just appearing through the cold…


A couple of weeks back I did a mammoth meditation process one Sunday morning. It felt big, bold, powerful and a tad over the top even for me. Tears of gratitude swirled down my face and my heart cracked wide open heart. At the end of the process I was guided (audibly by the teacher I was following) to ask for a clear sign that I was on the right track.

I wasn’t specific about the sign, just that I would like one. I left it at that and got on with my day.

I KNOW I can speak for many of you, becaause you have been sharing this with me recently, when I say change is hurtling around in 2023.

Big, bold and brave change!
No turning back change!
Life altering change!
Heart wide open change!
Fearless steps forward change!
Fall on your knees change!

I always remember Jack Canfield saying it takes no more energy or effort to have a big dream than a small dream.

Back in 202O I went through one helluva major rejig and reset of all things – life/ partner/ work/ country of abode all at once. Now, just three years later, with a small home base on the remote Scottish island of Iona (after 6 years of living #LocationFree) I now feel an even deeper rumbling asking for the NEXT phase to emerge.

Another shift
Scary and exhilarating in the same breath

Do you feel you are being called to YOUR next chapter & phase in life?

This is what we specifically embrace on the unique “IONA: Cutting the Threads that Bind Retreat.” Calling in and welcoming the future by letting go of and clearing out the past.

Putting a full stop where it belongs – end of story!
Moving forward with energy, grace and a lightness of being.

We welcome your crossroads – whether we’ve been through them and need to process them, are IN them right now or intuitively know they are looming up ahead and coming no matter what.

Do you embrace changes or shy away from them Kate?
I typically err on the side of embracing change.
I welcome and celebrate it – or at least do my best to
Moving, travelling and shifting lights me up and energizes me.

This next chapter coming feels even bigger than my last shift a personal level and so …

Back to the Sunday story about the meditation / prayers and how I was calling in guidance in the form of a “sign from upstairs.”

For me and no-one else.
Asking for confirmation about seeking more joy, alignment, abundance and love and what brings me authentic happiness now.

Checking that the possible choices I can envisage myself making to shift direction are truly right for me.
Right for this chapter in my life.
I can get carried away super fast….so I wanted to slow down and check in.
Truly check in and get confirmation from my heart and spirit.

So, a few hours after this meditiation I was out walking with my friend to the far side of the island, to the place of Pilgrimage. We had planned this lovely day out for a possible swim and some delicious dahl on the beach to warm us up after a 6 degree dip. Eeck

As we reached St Columba’s bay, I was ridiculously overjoyed when I looked down where we stood and saw my BIG WHITE sign. See top pic! I am an avid finder and collector of naturally heart -haped rocks. I have been for about 15 years. I collect them and gift them on….and some stay with me for a while. The simple act of FINDING one makes me smile and connects me to my core. Mostly I take a photo and leave them right where they are!
This is the biggest one I have ever found!

Thank you, thank you I have a sign. You can see how HUGE it is against the front of my big walking boot!

So ….we decided NOT to swim as the sun hadn’t yet come out, the water looked a tad too rough and tricky, and the southerly wind was howling, making the swim dangerous and too cold and we were a long way from home.

“Let’s just have tea here at the little bay and walk back via the other beach on the way home,” we decided. “If the sun comes out and the sea looks more inviting (ha ha its flipping cold so inviting is a loose term) we can have our dip ‘n dhal there.”


So we moved to the shelter of another part of St. Columba’s bay, and poured some delicious hot steaming tea. We come prepared – this was aniseed and rose tea if i recall correctly? I was drawn to go stand near the waters edge while sipping my brew.

And then I gasped as I looked down and saw what I thought was a piece of Serpentine. The beautiful crystal found only on this part of the island. Then the water schwooshed in fast and I had to run backwards. Mmm maybe it was just kelp, or a lichen covered rock.

Water receded and I step forward
Bent down fast to try pick it up
Doesn’t budge
Whoa this is big!
Water comes in – run backwards – water out – quick rummage

I had to literally dig the piece out of the sand and could hardly lift it with my cold hand in fingerless gloves in winter. Go figure – one hand was holding my tea!

I have NEVER in all my years seen such a huge clear piece of Serpentine
Hello sign #2!
I get you loud and clear universe!

I had tears in my eyes and was giggling and my friend could not believe her eyes! She’s a long term local and agreed it’s the biggest piece ever!

We left that beach to go to our potentially sunnier swimming beach. The sun peeked out and the water beckoned us in of course. Then with full “dhal” bellies we walked along another stretch of the machair (beach grass) to look for the old shipwreck only visible in certain low tides.

I just burst out laughing when I looked down and found sign #3.

Another huge stone ‘epidote’ heart at my feet. Even bigger than number 1
I mean come on, I was happy with ONE sign. Then TWO.
But clearly I needed THREE to shut me the heck up and leave zero room for questioning the meditation request!

So I’m on track clearly.
Scary – but on track

So how about YOU Kate?

Is there something you are wondering about and can you ask for a sign in any way that works for you? Remember though – that when the sign arrives, be sure to see it, embrace it, thank it and LISTEN TO it as your confirmation!
Signs don’t like to be ignored…otherwise you may just get a fat wake-up call

I’d love to hear your special stories as always -please drop me a line it makes my day, and keeps me inspired to write to you! I will always read what you send and reply personally!

With all my love and March energy


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