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My favourite MIX from PhoeNIX getting a FIX of inspiration.

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I love sharing awesome information, and I am currently in Phoenix, Arizona, where I am on a steep learning curve for my new software, Infusionsoft.

Enjoy some nuggets of information! 

From the CEO of Infusionsoft, CLATE MASK

*INVEST IN MARK  – that is not your latest employee, but it’s your Marketing budget!  My shift over to infusionsoft at the beginning of 2015 was just that, a massive investment in my marketing. High cost, but as I learn more about it, I know it will benefit you with better content delivery.

*FOLLOW UP WORKS – when last did you pick up the phone to a customer, ask questions, send an email to follow up? NO matter how scary, just do it. Recently a brand new customer bought one book off my website. I didn’t have stock and was waiting for the distribution depot to get them to me.

Normally you would send an email keeping them in the loop. I PHONED my new customer to introduce myself personally to him, tell him the situation  and called another twice before he had my book in his paws. That was on a R160 sale. He is a raving fan of mine just for being human! 

It doesn’t cost much to follow up — and yes I KNOW I have not been sending you mails regularly, I do see the irony 🙂

*AUTOMATION IS A GAME CHANGER in your business – I’m exponentially learning about this one listening to the Infusionsoftonians talk about what they do in their business is eye opening in terms of customer management. I am excited about possibilities.  How can YOU apply some automation in your business? I’ll be sharing some of this stuff later this year !


* AVATAR — When you think about your clients, who is your AVATAR? The perfect description of your perfect client? When you know your Avatar, where do they live, shop, entertain — i.e. their ecosystems?  Where are the watering holes that they hang out at? BE where your avatars are.

*NETWORKING  — for those of you who dislike the idea of networking, think of it as the following …how do you support, empower, uplift the quality of life of the people / clients you care the most about?  Now THAT is a good reason to get out there and meet more people so you can connect the people in your network and do MORE for your clients by knowing more people. Sometimes the very best thing you can do for your client is to refer them out to someone else. That takes guts and trust. Do what’s best for YOUR CLIENT! 


– best keynote I have ever heard a guy deliver!

* CARE-care more about what the people your care about, care about !

* BRAVERY is simply being stubborn in the face of fear. So what if you throw up, cry, don’t sleep. Being afraid doesn’t equal failure, staying afraid is failure. It’s about being willing to be bad at something whilst you figure it out and eventually master it.

 * EMPATHY — is understanding what someone needs and acting on it. Just like my 41 angels ACTED!

 * READ less minds, ask more questions

 * Choosing EMPATHY is cheap, losing empathy is expensive. Go the extra mile somehow for your clients.

 * PAUSE — don’t put people on pause. In an age of technology, make it your mission to make people matter. Get off your darn smart devices and connect when you connect. The ability to stay present nowadays is a total game changer.

* LEADERS who can’t be questioned land up doing questionable things.

*HUSTLE to do the important things other don’t to enjoy results others won’t.

ROHIT BHARGAVA @rohitbhargava

* MOVE from noise to meaning in order to curate an experience.

* TREND – IMPERFECTION. You don’t have to be perfect to be successful. Imperfect doesn’t mean broken. Embrace your rare mistakes but don’t let them become habit

*USEFUL — be useful instead of salesy and give clients useful content

*EVERYDAY STARDOM – find ways to give your clients celebrity treatment.

*MICRO CONSUMERISM – offer clients smaller processes or more intimate solutions at a higher price. Produce shareable bite size experiences that people talk about and share

*BE CURIOUS – if you want to know about something about people, buy magazines that they would read to understand them better and get inside their heads. Great way to collect ideas

I trust you found one nugget you can use to change your game, your life and your business today.

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With Lightness, Kate
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