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Dear Realtors – 10 ways home owners mess with the sale (and your mojo).

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Realtors – Understand 10 ways your sellers unconsciously sabotage the speedy SALE of their home
(plus mess with your income & reputation)


92% of people are guilty of number 1, but NO-ONE talks about it and I am here to change that!

Dear Realtors – you have my deepest sympathy!

Selling all your client’s homes -Yuck or Yah? Or a bit of both? Everyone knows that selling a home elicits dread, anxiety and heightened stress for the seller and the buyer. But what about you and your pivotal role?  Don’t your client’s drive you nuts sometimes, or the current market place and trends that seem top make everything that much tougher for you to get the deals through?

If you are taking the time to read this, then I understand and respect that….

  • You have been in the business for a long time
  • Are brilliant at what you do
  • Always super duper professional
  • Engaging, generous with your time and go the extra mile
  • Passionate about people, families and homes
  • Have a great eye for what works and doesn’t……

… and yet still you feel like you are wading through sludgy mud. You are fast having to adjust to ever-changing market trends and the fact that more and more sellers believe they can handle the transactions on their own (yeah right!).

Everyone is trying to undercut your commission and you probably aren’t having as much fun in this industry anymore? You even think about getting out and doing something less “uphill” or stressful pretty soon. But, you also just LOVE this industry and it runs in your blood. And ….sometimes your blood boils when your sellers just won’t listen darn it, refuse to heed your advice or uphold their end of the bargain to get ready for show day or viewings of their property. Aaargh!!!

There is only so much responsibility you can take – the rest is up to them, isn’t it? On top of the painful sales and lodging of documents process, you also know all the other stressful stuff your clients dread in anticipation – which often means you are not their favorite person in the transaction.

It’s easy for them to mutter about when you want to view the house, or canceling viewings at the last minute when their child is sick, or another emergency arises. Or they complain about your commission, the photos aren’t right or you aren’t bringing enough people through to view. It’s always YOUR fault isn’t it?

So how do you find a way to approach this all with a new edge?

To stand out in the sea of sameness in the industry?

To be the REALTOR to offer something totally different with a uniquely compassionate angle?

A way for you to honestly help your clients help themselves and get on board?
(P.S. HOME-OWNERS – If you are a homeowner about to sell and reading this, then you would be better off reading THIS ARTICLE WRITTEN JUST FOR YOU)

For them to ultimately get what they want with more ease and grace?

To enjoy a smoother viewing process, offers to purchase and ultimately the speedier sale of their home?

To offer them a way to handle and process all the stress of the sale and move in their hearts and lives?

A way for you all to feel invigorated about the process of selling and moving again?

I’m Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva, and I am hell-bent on supporting realtors and home sellers in today’s stressful times. Helping realtors to shift your vooma back into showcasing and selling homes and doing what you love, and letting me help you handle your clients and their hearts, minds and homes.

To help you offer your clients a unique way that has never been spoken about until now – one in which they willingly step up and take more responsibility for getting 100% ready to sell.

That’s my forte- speaking directly through you, to your seller. Coaching, cajoling, nudging and providing practical solutions to shift the sale of their home with grace, speed and ease. Helping them process the angst, stress, to de-clutter, pre- pack, handle inevitable show days/viewings, and ultimately being fully ready to make this move.

So whether your sellers are moving because it’s aspirational and they really want to, or because they somehow feel forced to, they still have a way of embracing the process. To feel way less stressed, more in control, at peace and actually excited about uprooting life, heart and home when selling this time around. To be able to embrace this dreaded process with a lightness of expectation of what’s unfolding.

This is such a potentially powerful and pivotal time in their lives– one that is usually their worst nightmare that fills them with angst and stress. Yet, it can be done with grace, ease and speed through the transition.

Can you imagine shifting the status quo and being able to say how much you LOVE dealing with your clients again?

How you feel more connected to them yet not taken for granted?

How you have discovered a way to make the selling process effortless and life-changing for them?

As an expert in letting go and moving on, I’ve spent 16 years researching home-owners and working in their homes, understanding what keeps them deeply stuck at the internal, psychological level. Holding on for dear life, not budging on ideas or price. When your client feels truly ready to move on, from the inside out, that particular home will sell with lightning speed. And I promise you that my process is down to earth, practical and simple to implement. Clients refer to my style as compassion with a kick!

You know you want me on your team!

I challenge you to have an open mind as you keep reading…

For most home sellers, the notion of getting their home ready to firstly invite you, the realtor, and then let total strangers trudge unceremoniously through their space, opening all the cupboards (oh yes, you know this is true!), deciding if this space suits their taste and budget can elicit feelings of terror and panic, even in the most resilient of folk. There’s always a heady mixture of emotions contemplating selling a home, aren’t there? It’s debilitating and overwhelming. Life is already busy and stressful enough, and this is just a huge added burden on their plate and they hold you responsible for it going smoothly. After all, what are they paying you for?

All sorts of things come into play for them.

How will they pack up everything?

Do they even want to use you, as their realtor if they don’t “have” to?

Are they making the right decision and do they have clarity about what they want?

Who do they trust to move their worldly possessions?

Will doggie Rufus adjust to the new house?

Will grandpa be ok in the new home?

How will they ever get their home show-day ready with all their current obligations?

Gasp – what about that hideous overflowing garage and shed they never got around to clearing out. It’s downright embarrassing and now they are thinking of having you walk through their space!

Will they ever find a beautiful new space that feels like home again?

Will their worldly possessions ever fit into that new space?

While it’s true they have to dig deep to face the above, and most people hate it, what if there is something far more critical that is the real sabotage to them selling their home? It all starts with what’s going on inside, and you can be the one to introduce them to this novel idea.

If you are reading this article and wondering how your clients might be sabotaging the sale of their home, chances are they are in one of a few places right now!

Where do you find your CLIENTS fit right now?

A. Life is changing rapidly, and they are just contemplating selling their home. This would be a very exciting and aspirational move to upsize, downsize or life-size. But right now they might be unsure which route to take along with a mixture of dread and excitement. You might not even be on their radar yet!

B. They are unfortunately being ‘forced to sell’ their home (perhaps due to economic, death, health, divorce or relocating), and are both resisting and dreading everything about life right now it. It’s all too much to handle, it really shouldn’t be happening, they are in shock, and now they have to wrench themselves from their safe safe nest. It couldn’t get any worse. They might view all realtors as another vulture trying to take advantage of them….. or you could be really clever and position yourself as someone who truly understands and can support this awful time in their lives!

C. Their home is just not selling and has spent way too many DOM’s (Days on Market), but they really need this property to sell fast. Enough already! There have just been far too many people trudging through the doors, they are sick ‘n tired of you and no real offers to purchase are materializing. They are losing hope of ever selling, blame you as their realtor, feel frustrated, trapped, and can’t move forward. Horrible all round!

My guess is that you are a Realtor wanting to up your professional game and find unique ways to support your clients to sell faster and with more ease. You are interested in unique ways to help you do your job better – you’re brilliant at what you do, but know something is missing that’s outside your scope of expertise.

You’re confused why a perfect property is somehow not shifting on the market, or you know your client needs help to get a grip on making peace with their life, moving on and handling emotional and physical clutter. You are exhausted from everything being an uphill battle with your sellers and need a business boost.


Here are Kate’s 10 ways your clients are unconsciously self-sabotaging the speedy SALE of their home!



    In my experience, over 92% of sellers fall into this trap, and it’s the first way they will sabotage the sale! It’s also the one no-one else out there talks about because it is considered too fluffy, too soft, too naff. But it will affect the speed, ease, and ultimately the financial aspect of the sale. This is the single most significant factor that your client is 100% in control of and the one to take the most seriously. They have to be ready in their heart and entirely at peace to welcome this move BEFORE you put the “For Sale” up! Take control early on and help them emotionally “detach” from the home and say goodbye to this era of their life with mindful intent. Emotional closure right upfront will bring acceptance and significantly reduce stress.
  2. Most sellers wait till move day to get the emotions in check and wonder why it’s so unbearably stressful. This psychological, emotional, and mental shift is how Kate supports her clients (with life-changing practical exercises) at this pivotal time to ensure they do not sabotage the potential sale. They are energetically and emotionally embedded into every brick in their homes and they have to loosen this grip before they can move on. Homeowners don’t usually wonder about how their “energy” is embedded into every brick and mortar of their home. This is where they realized the dream of owning this home, perhaps had their first child, started a business, danced around the kitchen table after signing the big corporate deal, made love to their partner, and watched little Jamie take his first steps. It might also be a space signifying struggle, heartache and pain – and now they have to say goodbye. It’s all very complicated at a heart level and most folks don’t know how to approach this time and process. Kate shifts that in a jiffy.
    Too many sellers sabotage the process and hold on with double doses of superglue! They intensify emotional attachment, heartache and stress, by continually referring to this space as ‘home.’Yes, of course, it has been their home, and you feel like you are honoring them by speaking kindly about their “home”, but one of the pivotal shifts to make is to help them consider from this moment onwards, that they are a custodian of this space and start thinking of the home as a house. The challenge is that from now on, every time you all speak about it or think about it (after you have done the emotional closure that Kate’s teaches), is to always use the term HOUSE instead of home! Better yet, think of it as a guesthouse always ready to welcome new guests. Keep the term home for the potential BUYER. You can catch Kate live on the radio sharing her passionate house selling tips to Shado Twala on SAFM
    Most sellers do a little tidy up around the house, thinking they will clear out properly when finally packing the boxes and move. Beep! Remind them that buyers will open cupboards, and more importantly, they will get a “feel” of the house. If it feels stuffy, cluttered and overfull, buyers will feel stifled in the space even if it is seemingly the perfect house for them on paper and budget-wise. The moment your client decides to sell, please get them stuck into de-cluttering every single inch of the space. They need to, as I like to refer to it,  Zap Your Kr@p – Not only will it make the house appear more spacious and light for the buyer, but means they will also not lug any “stuff” that no longer serves them into the next phase of life. A house move is an ideal time to purge at every level. Let go and live a little lighter, taking only that which you love, use and respect into your new home. If THE SELLER fills up too much of the house, there is no room for THE BUYER to breathe new life into this space. Tone down that bright cerise wall, get rid of 75% of the objects d’art and remove the 30 family photographs stuck on the wall! Buyers need to be able to envisage THEMSELVES living in this space.




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There is nothing that makes me prouder than to offer up my second book DITCH YOUR GLITCH, published by Metz Press. Published 31st August 2015

A purposeful journey to face your “glitch”.
An honest process to step in, step up and step out.

Ditch your glitch is true to Kate’s well-loved style of being honest, authentic, inspirational and compassionate. Her unique process of step in, step up and step out into the world helps you shift gears exponentially to find a new
way forward to shine your light. It’s filled with snippets of her own fascinating life story and interwoven with success stories from brave clients who faced their glitch. This book takes you on a powerful yet practical journey to the self, through deep, inner exploration and transformation so that you can heed her call to live a life of magnificence.

  • Discover five glitches and identify what’s tripping you up
  • Follow 21 easy steps to get jiggy with your goals
  • Liberate yourself through the “potato” exercise
  • Take responsibility and finally stop the blame game
  • Ditch sabotaging self-limiting beliefs
  • Stop letting your fear be bigger than you
  • Set ballsy boundaries once and for all
  • Let go of emotional baggage to unleash energy
  • Boost your bucket before you kick the bucketAre you ready to ditch your glitch?



“If I choose to, then I want to,

If I want to, then I can,

If I can, then I must,

If I must, then I will!”

This mantra represents the essence of this amazing work. Kate has shared her innermost secrets and demons, and in her inimitable way shares her journey and the journey she has helped other people on, one stepping stone at a time. I was inspired, shocked, amused and privileged to read this book. Kate- you are an incredible human being and this book should next to everyone’s bed. Ditch your Glitch rocks! Helen Nicholson – Director of The Networking Company. Johannesburg.

Like a good friend who tells you hard truths, Kate takes you firmly by the hand and guides you on a challenging, life-changing journey. Bravely revealing her own story throughout, she gives you the courage to face your glitches and heal past hurts. Ditch Your Glitch gifts you with the take-charge tools you need to transform your life. Fiona Davern – Executive Editor at Destiny Magazine. South Africa

Written from such a heartfelt, truthful and sincere place, the result is nothing short of a miracle.  It’s a multicoloured roadmap to feeling lighter, more focused, action orientated and all the while being playful along the journey.  I particularly loved the potato exercise and found it fiercely challenging and such a relief when I could finally unload those pesky, heavy items and baggage.  Most of the glitches resonated with me, but the one that loomed large in my life is that of being a “Dreadful Dismisser”, not a good thing when one has chosen a creative profession where there is no such easy demarcators as right and wrong.  Valuing others opinions more than my own kept me stuck in a development cycle of wishy washy scripts until I read this book, committed to the self development work suggested in these pages and finally, courageously prioritised my own opinion and value.  I now have a script that I am proud of, that reflects my vision and the magic of the book, and am willing to stake a claim on my choices.  It’s not to say that other people’s opinion don’t count, it’s just that mine does too.  And it’s not to say that I have composed “Eroica” but I trust myself and my judgement to stand firm, head held up high and say, it’s my personal “Eroica”. Thank you Kate. Patrick Holzen – Film and TV Producer. London

“Sharing the details of a dark, hard past, Kate pulls back the curtain on all that holds us back…the secrets that keep us from a bright, happy life. Raw, revealing, and authentic, she shares her hard-earned insights on becoming honest with ourselves so that we can find genuine happiness and live large. I’m honored to help Kate bring her powerful message to the masses in the movie “The Secrets of the Keys” ~Robin Jay – Filmmaker (The Key Movies), Author. Las Vegas

Ditch your Glitch – my awakening – Kate Emmerson is a friend and mentor, an inspiration and her book “Ditch your Glitch” has allowed me to realize my Glitch, to identify with her story, to understand that I am not alone. This book is a revolutionary eye opener into where I am right now, what needs to be addressed, how to shift change and more importantly, how to ensure a continuity of growth. As an entrepreneur, I get so suffocated with my own rules, my own struggles, my own failure that I never for one minute realised that this in fact was my Glitch, the essence of what is holding me back. Kate, thank you – this is my beginning. Janine Starkey -Speaker and Designer for House of Janine. International Image Consultant. South Africa.

I have consumed many business and self-help books over the years. I was curious to see what new learning Kate would have for me in her new book, Ditch Your Glitch. Was I surprised when she went straight to my Glitch at the beginning of the book, describing it in finest detail. It made me pay attention to what followed. Kate uses old tools and new ones to shift a whole bunch of stuff in a very short time, if you follow her process. She shares hugely valuable exercises in an economical way. The potatoes blew me away. After reading the book I see potatoes everywhere. You must try her potatoes. My thinking shifted in the most powerful way. Forever. Thank you Kate for life changing learning, magical mind maps to plot my future with, and potatoes. Melanie Brummer – Entrepreneur www.facebook.com/melanie.brummer. South Africa

“The pages of Ditch Your Glitch hold a wisdom and energy that is hard to express. Kate’s authenticity complimented by her passion will help you create remarkable shifts. I have attended a self development growth club for a year and I find that Kate’s book encapsulates most of what I have learnt.” Celynn Erasmus – Professional Speaker, Registered Dietician, Author, Passionate Foodie. South Africa

In writing “Ditch Your Glitch”, Kate Emmerson takes you on a step-by-step process beyond your comfort zone to honestly face aspects of yourself and your life that you may not be comfortable with and to realise that success in your life starts with you. Committing to the 21 step process helps you to truthfully face those areas that need to be changed and gives you the confidence to start setting big, audacious goals to become the best version you can be of yourself. Success is achieved by taking small steps that bring you closer to your goals. The lessons learnt are captured daily in the journal you will purchase, allowing you to track your own progress and to recognise those special milestones. Kate shares her life lessons; she even says “I never offer up processes or ideas to clients if I have not tried and proved them for myself”. It is a comfort to know that you do not have to go on this experience on your own. Kate has developed a Facebook page that allows you to post updates on the progress you have made and those light-bulb moments that have resulted out of the process, and also to share the areas you may be struggling with and to get support and ideas from the group to push through these blockages.

We are privileged to be guided by such an authentic leader, who has lived the life she is inspiring us to live. This is not just a book of theory; these lessons have guided Kate to achieve the most wonderful things she has achieved in her life. Kate gently and firmly spurs you on to take bold steps through openly sharing her journey with the readers, making the lessons believable and achievable. I encourage you to read this book which will challenge you to get started on a whole new path to success and fulfilment with a renewed zest. I know that’s what it did for me. Colleen Larsen – CE: Business Engage South Africa

“Kate Emmerson has done it again! DITCH YOUR GLITCH encourages us to look deep into our core to find our magnificence. The only glitch is our glitches keep us from feeling magnificent and being our true self. Ms. Emmerson expertly guides us to ditch our glitch with easy to follow steps and enlightening examples. Kate bravely shares her own back story and exposes her glitches showing that she doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.” Carol Scibelli: Author of “Poor Widow Me” www.carolscibelli.com. New York.

Kate Emmerson’s “Ditch Your Glitch”, is witty, down to earth, personal, full of great reminders, and my favorite part is that her book embodies Kate’s spunk, spark, energy as a person and her same zeal for life.  “Ditch Your Glitch” is also open and honest which is so important for others to connect & relate as I, the reader did. Thanks for the journey Kate. Carly Alyssa Thorne –  Author, Speaker, Producer, Director www.CarlyAlyssaThorne.com Los Angeles

‘Kate Emmerson is the ‘Indiana Jones’ of shifting lives and always finds a way of turning something that is usually at the bottom of our To Do list (How the bleep do I stop being stuck in a rut?!)… into an adventure ( clearing away cobwebs, reading maps, finding treasure). Eventually we realise that what started out as an ordinary goal ends up being an extraordinary journey (.. with buried loot everywhere!). In ‘Ditch your Glitch’ we get the chance to find our very own ‘Holy Grail’ – come Home to Self, harness our power, and play with our magic. For someone like me who keeps tripping myself up on the “same ol’ same ol’” issues, I found the chapters on self limiting beliefs, top ten values and getting Balsy with Boundaries to contain many ‘Aha!’ moments and I am eager now to apply these to my everyday disciplines. I am also significantly impressed with how its possible to move towards forgiveness with the help of a sack of potatoes! ‘How to Ditch your Glitch’ is an honest easy to follow book which will give you honest easy to reap benefits …you just have to SHOW UP and commit to the adventure.’ Natasha Sutherland – Author, Actress and Motivational Speaker. South Africa.

Kate Emmmerson has so much passion for life, and she has shared it boldly in her book “Clear Your Clutter”, her YouTube videos, and now in her new book “Ditch Your Glitch”. I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t had a story, a struggle, some pain in their life.  Too many people try to pick themselves up, and try to move on…only to find themselves in the same or similar situation.  We’ve all had things that have snagged us in our lives, but few go through the effort to unsnag themselves….to look at what’s holding them back, and why. Kate Emmerson has done that in her own life, and has broken down the steps that got her past her own glitches and has written this wonderful book to help you “Ditch Your Glitch” as well.  The things that are holding you back from where you want your life to be.  Kate has beautifully blended her own personal experiences, her clients examples, and practical exercises that walk you through each step of the way, along with holding you accountable so you are gently pushed towards your goals that you have defined. If you’re ready to move forward in life, this book will help you do just that. Lori Park- Angel Intuitive, Chicago

“From beginning to the end this is a book that you won’t be able to put down!  It truly will help you shift your life and perspective.  There are so many great pieces of information that are shared in ‘Ditch My Glitch’ that will inspire you to take action today!  I found myself creating a new vision board for the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year in order to set my personal and professional life up for success for the year ahead.  Kate’s book will motivate you to be your very best self and will also help you to reach unlimited potential!”~ Beth Bracaglia – Chief Simplicity Officer of Simply Organized and creator of Beth Bracaglia’s Simply Inspired.   www.simplyorganizedtoday.com Ellicott City, MD

“I met Kate quite recently and was immediately captivated by her energy and stimulating conversation. This book is no different to the spirit she evokes in her conversations. The honesty and transparency of her personal story in the beginning illustrates the authentic nature of the content she shares in assisting you and I to truly transform our lives. Ditch Your Glitch is a meaningful and real step-by-step transformational work out that, if you remain true to your commitments, will bring about the desired changes in your life. I feel like I am thriving more than before I read this book. I have moved from mere existence to truly living. And you too can!”~ Alex Granger – CEO: The Possibility of YOU, Professional Speaker, and Author. JHB South Africa

I found Kate Emmerson’s Ditch Your Glitch to be a wonderful mix between The Artist’s Way and Jack Canfield’s – The Success Principles.  In it, she presents a practical step by step guide to creating personal transformation by understanding and addressing those things that are holding you, the reader, back from creating a better, more fulfilled life.  She doesn’t tell you how to do it – she shows you how to do it. By using her own personal journey as insightful examples, you feel as if she is there with you in this easy to follow, actionable, transformative and very readable book. Tessa Graham – Capturing Brilliance, Creating Brands, Building Businesses. South Africa.

From the start this was a truly inspiring book. It kept me wanting more and more and more each day although you said wait. Be patient.  This book is like money in that you always want to have it by your side. Through all my massive obstacles I managed to work through every single exercise in the book. What a challenge it was especially for me for –  someone suffering from depression, illness, health problems, financial problems  and life going nowhere. The most challenging exercise was the “potato” one. What a challenge to keep that bag of potatoes with me wherever I went. I was looked at strangely and funnily but luckily I never felt the need to explain myself. Only the closest people in my life knew about what I was up to. After day 4 I realised that I am carrying all this weight in my heart and on my shoulders. I started to write sms’es, make calls (the ones I could call) and although most of them hurt me I started the forgiving process. No need for thousands of rands at a psychologist etc. This book helped me finally get over my issues with forgiving which was the hardest part. How do you forgive someone … well I did it with Kate’s help and I feel lighter than ever (not in body weight yet) in mental weight.  I left those hurtful potatoes of my past scattered all over the field and it felt so good. I am now in control of my emotions and I will not allow people to use and abuse me anymore. Lighting my candle the next day and writing in my journal was actually the shortest paragraph  ever but filled the lightest feeling of relief . I have taken action on all the aspects of my life and it feel great. I have made my bucket list even though only a couple of things for now –  I will do them – maybe not tomorrow but I have set myself a time frame for this expanding list – I am taking everything step by step. I will buy this book for all my family members and my friends who I know will benefit from this.Thank you for this, Kate, it has changed my life and made it much easier doing everything step by step. This book it is a complete eye opener and I am deeply relieved about taking stock of my life and sorting everything out for myself and putting myself on my priority list for once. Yolanda Duvenhage, A brav woman and mum


As soon as the e-book is available I will let you know!